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The first Rayman would be appreciated. Loved that game and used to own for PC, but can't find the CD anymore. The usual problem. ^^
low rated
Would like assassin's creed please.
Ghost Recon
Prince of Persia
Heroes of Might and Magic 5

Are the games most prior on my wishlist right now, if anybody would suddenly feel moved by the holy spirit of generosity :)
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If anyone feels overly generous, i would love Might and Magic 7 from the current week-end promo. Thanks in advance and thanks to the all generous donors.
I have some fond memories of playing Settlers on my Amiga.
If someone feels generous, I'd love <span class="bold">Settlers 2: 10th Anniversary</span> from the current promo.

EDIT: Thank you unlit :)
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If someone feels gifty my only request from current promo is Settlers 3: Ultimate Collection.
Extra nice promo going on, 11 games from my wishlist are discounted but I'm gonna name just two I'd like to play the most at the moment.
Heroes of Might and Magic and Rayman Forever.
Original titles from two totally different series. The first one I played 7 years ago while it was considered abandonware and would very much like to finish what I've started. The only game from the second series I've tried is Rayman Raving Rabbids and that is an unusual representative, so some old school platforming would do me good right now.
Thanks for you consideration, dear GOGers.
If anyone feels generous enough, Wolf Pack (Wolfenstein Pack) is looking really good right now. That is my only request.
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If anyone is feeling generous would like to have might and magic 6 pack from current promo.
Would love to play any of these titles from the weekend promo:

(Thanks to IAmSinistar for PoP: Warrior Within)
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
Splinter Cell

Thank you in advance for your consideration. :)
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low rated
Would like:

Assassin' Creed

Rayman origins
high rated
blitsfire: If anyone is feeling generous would like to have might and magic 6 pack from current promo.
check your pm
Assassin's Creed from the current weekend promo would be nice please.
If anyone is feeling generous I would appreciate any one of the Might and Magic or Heroes of Might and Magic games that are currently on sale.
Waited for a long time to see Rayman Origins go on sale, but saidly my bank wasn´t able to transfer the money to my credit card via two days... (Head->Wall!)
So I´m only have the chance that somebody around is feeling generous...
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