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I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Take care all and stay safe. :)
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If anyone has spare key for shadowrun I would like. I really like the look of cyber-punk world.

Thank you in advance!!!
Well, if anybody has a spare Deus Ex key from when they were on sale, I'd love to take it. Haven't played Deus Ex before.

low rated
Some mighty hero, 1st or 2nd born from a powerful magic is wanted for carrying out a gaming quest.
I would love The Witcher 2 from the promo, if anyone is feeling generous.
A little request for Master of Magic while its still on promo if anyone is in the giftng spirit? thanks.
Looking for Witcher 2 spare key if someone has.

Thank you in advance!!!
Do you feel that irresistible urge to gift someone Heroes III from the current promo? PM me, I can definitely help you :)
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Sale finished.
Post edited April 15, 2014 by adambiser
Since it's discounted right now, if any kind soul would feel generous enough to gift me the newly added BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, it would be highly appreciated -- and most certainly repaid back, as soon as I get some money coming in again.

Thanks in advance, and keep up doing the awesome stuff you usually do in here. You make me genuinely glad to be a part of this community.
In for my weekly asking for the bards tale here on gog, thanks. :)
Polite bump for Cultures 1 + 2 (which I asked for inthis post), while it's still on sale. :)
The Witcher 2 will make a great easter gift since it's on sale right now :)
adambiser: Would really like to get Cultures 1+2 and Cultures: Northland + 8th Wonder of the World while on sale here.
And I'm willing to trade a code for any $9.99 GOG for them both.

Please PM me first.
Where are they on sale? Was it on GOG briefly and I missed it?