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Accatone: My wishlist: SimCity 2000 from the current EA promo...

Check PM
Nevermind, I was able to get it myself. :)
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My wishlist:

Wing Commander: Privateer
The Chaos Engine
Pinball Gold Pack

laziter(at) or just GOG PM
Hm. An EA promo wishlist.

Wing Commander 1+2
Magic Carpet
Dungeon Keeper
Crusader: No Regret

Thank you for the consideration.
EA promo wishlist

- The Syndicate game you think is best from the EA promo. I've never played a Syndicate game before and would like to see what I'm missing.

- Jade Empire for some kung fu fighting. :)
An odd wish here, I'd like to play Ultima® Underworld 1+2, if somebody feels like making my day I'd really appreciate the gift, now here comes the odd part... I'd like that the kind one gifting me this title is an Underworld veteran, someone who has already played the game (or beat it) for enough time to know what a gem of a game it is.

Hope there is a fellow veteran around!

Thanks for reading, please consider to the previous wishes from other users before me.

Have an excellent weekend GOGers!
My wished games currently on promo:

Ultima Underworld 1+2

Thanks for considering!

Only asking as I'm busy moving, thus the money normally set aside for gaming is tied up in the move
Semi-last bump before moving (and being without net for a few months :P)
from current promo,

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault War Chest

Thanks! :)
All I want is NOX please.
Accatone: My wishlist: SimCity 2000 from the current EA promo...

Celton88: Check PM
Thank you so much!
high rated

Earth 2160
Got it, thx :)
I'm not too proud to beg - Would love to be gifted Theme Hospital or Populous the Beginning
Could I please humbly grovel, beg and debase my lowly and unworthy self for Magic Carpet Plus from this weekend's sale.

Many thanks :-)
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