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Can any kind soul gift me one of these?

Kingpin: Life of Crime
Anvil of Dawn
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ne_zavarj: ...
Escape Goat
good choice! check your pm
Smogg: good choice! check your pm
Thank you . \ o /
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Could someone please spare a buck and gift me the 1 dollar Humble weekly sale bundle?

I'd really like to play Sine Mora

Thanks :)
Thanks :)
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Combat Chess is only 2.39, if anybody feeling gifty thanks.
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Ghost Master - Acquired, tnx rawmilk905!
Sacred Gold
...would make a nice addition to my collection.

And I would especially like to try Dungeon Keeper now that it finally become GOLD.

Cheer my fellow GOGers! :)
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I'm looking for a gift-wrapped or not gog version or perhaps spare bundle steam key equivalents for Disciples 2 Gold.
This is the only one missing from my Disciples collection, a favorite strategy series of mine =)

Thank you for listening!
Added all games from the indie promo and Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2
Jagged Alliance 1 would be nice, to complete the series for me.
Escape Goat
Volgarr the Viking
would greatly be appreciated
I own Jagged Alliance 2 Wildfire, I'd like to get to know this saga better, so if someone is feeling on the gifting mood I'd like to play Jagged Alliance 2 or Jagged Alliance to see how it all began!

Thanks for reading!
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high rated
dudetterinazor: Disciples 2 Gold.
Check PM :)
dudetterinazor: Disciples 2 Gold.
Licurg: Check PM :)
Thank you Licurg!!