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keeveek: Any of the Cultures games...
K_1269: Check your PM for 1+2 ;)
Thank you very much! :-)
That's my most wanted on my wishlist:

SimCity 2000™ Special Edition
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RevolutionSphere: After Tropico Reloaded while its on offer, if anybody doesn't mind gifting it.
K_1269: Check your PM ;)
You're awesome, thanks :D
nevermind :(
Papers, please................please.

I just wanted to say that, but the game wouldn't be bad at all either. I always wanted to be a customs official for a fictitious Soviet nation.
ne_zavarj: From the current promo :

Cultures 1+2
Cultures: Northland + 8th Wonder of the World

other games from my wishlist

Children of the Nile Complete
Settlers® II: 10th Anniversary, The
Settlers® 4: Gold Edition, The
Tzar: The Burden of the Crown

Thank you .
Code sent for Cultures 1+2. Given your generosity on this site I thought these requests would have been snapped up :)
In current promo
Cultures 1+2
Tropico Reloaded
or Alien Breed
Thanks for superfrog
I would like to have Anvil of Dawn, if someone wants to gift it.

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Anvil of Dawn
or Etherlords (I'm currently playing the 2nd, and loving it)
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From the current Special Promo:

-S2: Silent Storm Gold Edition
Added Wargame:Europwan Escalation
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from the current promo Etherlords 1 + 2