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Zafehouse: Diaries
Bigs: Check PM

Aaaaaaaand I'm spent... someone take this damn credit card away from me... NOW!
Thank You Kind Sir
Zafehouse: Diaries
Race Driver: Grid

If some1 feel gifty :P
From the titles on sale I'm interested in Zafehouse, Rayman Origins and Grid.
I just received my Xbox 360 controller for PC but don't have any proper games to play with it yet, so if anybody feeling very generous today a copy of Rayman Origin would really be more than amazing.
Zafehouse diaries would really make my day
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Theta_Sigma: If anyone is feeling generous, I would absolutely love Zafehouse: Diaries (while it's on the promo), or Rayman Origins (never played them, but they look fun). Please and thank you in advance.
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pugsarecool: I've been on GOG for an entire year today! Also, today I graduated high school! Since today is a monumental day for many reasons, would someone be feeling generous enough to give me an anniversary/graduation present of Leisure Suit Larry's Greatest Hits? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks guys! :D
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Thank you very very much, I greatly appreciate your generosity. You are a gentleman and a scholar! :) +1
PeterPanPirate: Final Bump
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Aaaaaaaand I'm spent... someone take this damn credit card away from me... NOW!
LOL It's Austin Powers!
If anyone is feeling really generous, I would really appreciate Primordia, Zafehouse: Diaries, or Sanitarium.
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Project Eden is available on now! I'd gratefully appreciate a copy. Thanks.

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Would still like to get one of those games:
Course I´ve always wanted bt never played it...
Want to play this before Chapters will be released. Thats the only reason.
Got some GTA-fanboys in my friendship. Playing this together (maybe on a birthday party) would be very much fun!
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My wishlist update:
Don't Starve
Incredible Machine Mega Pack, The

Nearly done HURRAY
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