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I would be very grateful if someone would decide to gift me Secret Agent.
I'd really love to play MDK, but I'm just a poor broke fellow.

Since pretty much everyone is interested in the current promo (who wouldn't :dd) I first require you to gift those titles to those before me, even if at the end I don't get the chance to grab any of the copies I'm wishing, they're awesome people and deserve the chance to grab those titles as well as me, also would like to say I pretty much would love to be gifted any of these titles (or all of them if you're a rich fellow :ddd) you'll have my eternal thanks, and finally would like to take this post to once again thank all those excellent users who have gifted me games in the past, games are my escape from the burdens of life itself, and my country's situation added to it.

I'll be moving to USA next year or in 2015, once I get a nice job and get all set up I'll show GOG users in need of a title so much love as I've gotten from the users here so far. THANK YOU GUYS, YOU'RE AWESOME.


Edit: I forgot to mention the titles I'd like xdddd

- Hotline Miami
- Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) Gifted by an anonymous user, thank you so much!
- Retro City Rampage
- Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers
- Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
- Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus
- Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded

Would trade for them aswell, have a good one!

OP here:
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Poohunter: I've recently been wanting to play the original Baldur's Gate...
Check your PM ;)

PS: this is due to Ians generosity, so if you want to thank/uprep someone, please thank/uprep him ;)
I want to play the original Descent games real bad, miss those things. But I wasted my limited game spending money on Freespace.
Re-post :

-Dangerous Dave
-Oddworld : Abe's Oddysee
If anyone is feeling generous, I would love Two Worlds 2: Epic Edition. Please and thank you in advance. :)
Updating to reflect new desired game of Master of Orion 1 & 2 (comes together)..
Carmageddon Max Pack. Thank you.
I finished Stronghold so now I actually NEED Settlers 3. :D
Dangerouse Dave, thanks
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Enclave if any one picked up an extra code of this I would love to play it thx
Deus Ex:Invisible War
Omikrom:The Nomad Soul
The Cat Lady
Sword of the Stars:The Pit
Beyond Good and Evil

contact me by PM
Been looking for these games for awhile

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
Hotline Miami
La Mulana