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Wing Commander 1+2

contact me by PM
would love Total Annihilation: Commander Pack or Spycraft: The Great Game if anyone is feeling giving, thanks
If any kind soul would gift me Real Myst. I would be very grateful. Thanks.
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If anyone's feeling really generous, I would appreciate Riven and/or Myst V from the current sale. They are the only ones from the Myst series that I haven't owned at some point.
I don't want anything from the current weekend promo, but Eador is still 20% off for a few days. Unless it's true that it doesn't work on Win7?

Since it being Christmas soon and all, I'll toss my little wish in as well. Coincidentaly this
is also my first post ever here on GOG. My wishlist only holds one game atm, Kings of Dragon Pass. So if anyone's feeling up to becoming my very own Santa, that would be just wonderful. :)
Never played a Myst game. Would love Real Myst if anyone is looking to spread some joy.
i love point & click adventure games...
ive always wanted to play Myst the other parts of Myst...
anyone kind enough to gift me any of these games,
would make me one one delighted gamer:

Real Myst
Riven: The Sequel To Myst
URU: Complete Chronicles

thanks in advance...
high rated
johnki: Riven
Check PM
johnki: Riven
Licurg: Check PM
Thanks a ton. Finally going to bridge the gap from the first one to the third one. :)
If anyone has spare keys or is looking to gift, I would be most grateful for any of these:

- Real Myst
- Riven
- Myst V: End of Ages

Thank you to everyone.
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Painkiller Black
Beyond Divinity

One of those would be cool as an early Christmas gift
I would love Uru or Myst V, thanks.
Broke college student who is bored and just finished finals. Would really appreciate an rpg right now. Interested in these but have never played any of them:

Icewind Dale complete
Temple of Elemental Evil
Neverwinter Nights

Those interest me the most but Im open to suggestion. Honestly Im just bored ut of my mind and have exhausted y current resources. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I will remember you.
I'd love to play some Myst: Masterpiece edition.

I relaly loved Myst 3 and 4, so I'd like to know how it all started. :-)