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I know it's very pathetic, but I still need to beg for Fallout Tactics :(
Post edited September 07, 2012 by Whitewraith
acemarch: Been a long long time since I posted any kind of wishlist...

But to help pass time, I'd love:

Lands of Lore III
Pirates Gold Plus

They should keep me entertained during this sickness from hell which has kept me bedridden for over a month already... so if anyone would like to contribute to helping me stay sane, I will be eternally grateful!
pH7: I don't know if this is too late to stave off your insanity, but check your PM inbox..
Sorry for the late reply, someone had to go spend some time in hospital again >_< but back now and this is an awesome surprise. Thank you so so so very much dude, you are a gentleman and a scholar!
Well, I've never been gifted a game before, but here goes:

I would very much like these games (the games are in the order I want, top being my most wanted):


King of Dragon Pass

Planescape: Torment

Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition

Alpha Centauri

Gemini Rue (in a promo at the moment)

Blackwell Bundle ( in a promo at the moment)

If anyone would be kind enough to gift me one of those, I would be extremely grateful. Also, if I'm gifted any of these, I would be glad to pay it forward as soon as I am financially able. :)

- Removed Resonance because it was gifted to me by K_1269. Thanks again, you are awesome. :)

- Added Neverwinter Nights and Planescape: Torment because I love RPGs and those two are so well liked.
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Ok, I know everyone will be requesting something from the promo and I'm no different. But I've been waiting such a damn long time for Resonance to go on sale. I would accept it with lots of gratitude if someone is feeling generous. I just want to play it and be amazed.

Actually, I have no idea what to pick from all the wonderful offerings. Thankfully Gemini Rue is out of the tough decision as I acquired it last year from Wadjet Eye Games.

Thanks mates!

edit: The dashing Starmaker has gifted me a copy! He's a legend. Weekend adventuring here I come. I feel so darn alive to be a part of a darn amazing community, with developers making some of the coolest games and me being so fortunate to have a computer, home and other luxuries to even play games! This has made me all philosophical and am sure will be enlightened in the game as well. Everyone give a hip hip hurrah for Starmaker!
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Thank you inc09nito for Startopia!!!! it is much appreciated.
lukew: Resonance (in a promo at the moment)
Check your PM.
New promo, new wishlist! :)

Machinarium: Collector's Edition
Gemini Rue
Blackwell Bundle
lukew: Resonance (in a promo at the moment)
K_1269: Check your PM.
I PMed you back but I have to post here too. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! First game I've ever been gifted. I won't forget this. GOG has a great community, thank you again! <3 :)
Whitewraith: Thank you inc09nito for Startopia!!!! it is much appreciated.
I always wanted to play it. I've seen some "Let's Play " videos and it looks like great fun once you understand the mechanics. It's a nice thing we have it here on GOG. But I am so hooked on TERA lately that there is no way I could play anything else. So I thought: "I don't have time for it now, but at least someone else should enjoy it" :)
Have fun!
This might be a silly request but I'm posting it anyway in case anyone feels like biting. Here's the deal: There was a sort-of LAN party last spring which also had different gaming competitions with prizes. I won a Bomberman tournament, which entitles me to a $10 GOG giftcard. Only recently have the hosts began actually inquiring people about their prizes, but not until they have information from every competition winner of which prize they'd like, they're not handing them out (because of laziness, I guess). They need to do these inquiries, because they've lost the paper they used for writing down the winners' names. Silly I know, but these are absent-minded university students we're talking about. I really don't feel like waiting, especially since I have literally nothing to play at the moment; weird I know. That's why I'm asking if anyone feels like donating Icewind Dale 1 Complete to me, which is the prize I was going to pick when the time comes. And when that time actually does come, I'll give the person who donated Icewind Dale a game of similar value. This does take time and patience however, since I can't tell when the organizers are able to give out the prizes. This could take a week, two weeks, or a month. However, if their lazy asses can't get around to handing them out by the end of October, I'll purchase the game myself so that the donator won't have to wait infinitely.

tl;dr version: Give me Icewind Dale 1 Complete, I'll pay you back not later than October 31st a game of similar value here on GOG.
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If someone is feeling generous I would like:
Gemini Rue
Blackwell bundle

Contact me by Pm
I've already ask for it few weeks ago.. so while is on sale...

Machinarium CE.

Thanks in any case! :)
Well, I did post my wishlist (top of this thread page) but the one game from it that I really want and the one that I would play furiously this weekend would be Startopia . If someone could gift me that one, it would just be lovely. As I said in my wishlist post, any gifts I get will definitely be paid forward when I am able to do so.
Resonance,on promo now :)