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Would love to get Far Cry 2, and it's on promo ^^
XIII or LoK Defiance are my wishes at the moment :)
I would love XIII
See my previous post.
Well there's only a couple hours left in the promo so I doubt any more unsightly begging for Blood would change anything but I'll just repost my short list anyway.

Alpha Centauri
Descent 1+2
Postal 2, if the FPS sale is still on.
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Nothing to see here, move along. :)
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I'm gonna be the one to break the ice and be the first to ask for Arma 2: Combined Operations

I will grant my first born to the person who gifts me this ^_^
Will no one bless me with this simplest but greatest of games. :)

Total Annihilation: Commander Pack

PM me
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SovietSharkey: Unreal Gold
Sandy_Claws: See PM.
Thank you very much
If anybody is feeling super awesome today, any of the following would definitely make my day a lot better than it's been going.

Postal 1
SWAT 1+2
Evil Genius
Crusader No Remorse

Thank you in advance. PM me.
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This is My top 10 whislist
Heroes of Might and Magic 3
Beyond good and evil
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Hitman 2 - Silent assassin
Theme hospital
Rollercoaster Tycoon Deluxe
Hitman - codename 47
Pod gold
Second sight

And the rest can be found here
Wish to play soon:

To the Moon

or (no need of both at this time)

Machinarium CE

Thanks in any case! :)