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Dishonored is on sale.

I have part 2 from Amazon, but I'd love to try and the first one to follow order (⁠◔⁠‿⁠◔⁠)

Thank you in advance.
If there are any Space Quest fans here, I'd be grateful: (on sale)

I'm told these games are hilarious parodies of 1970s and 1980s Sci-Fi.
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Hi I hope everyone is okay, was wondering if anyone could help me with Days Gone pls and thanks :3

It has a discount so it would be very appreciated
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it's St. Valentine's day soon, right?
it'd be nice to welcome it with a girl...
sooo... Da Capo 3 R is discounted now...
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I'm not asking for much, just Deus Ex: Invisible War. Or SiN Gold if anyone has few dollars to spare...
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Being a big fun of 'Ghost Warrior' series.
Maybe someone feels very generous & would like to help with completing the series ?
May I bother somebody with Mount and Blade Warband? If somebody feel generous I would appriciate very much, thanks.
If anyone is feeling generous. I would love to have The Last Express. It's on sale for $1.73 only.
Once again DoW 1-2 on great sale is somebody in generous mood.

So as Tunguska DLCs. =)
The point-and-click adventure Voodoo Detective is currently 75% off, which is a historical low. It's a very well-reviewed Lucasarts/Monkey Island style graphical adventure with a voodoo theme, I would like to play it. If someone would like to gift it to me, I would greatly appreciate it. Or if not, hopefully you will check out the game for yourself. :)

(Note that it is a short-term sale that ends in 10 hours from the time of this post!)
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Can I ask someone generous for the RoboCop ? =)
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