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If anyone if feeling generous, I'd like to ask for the Kane & Lynch pack:

Thanks in advance!
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May I ask for Mother Russia Bleeds please, it’s a game I really wanna play with my brother on co op. Here’s the link to the game page Thank you generous person in advance.
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May I ask for Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure? It's on sale at 85% off, a historical low price, and I'm a fan of point and click adventures as well at the Cthulhu mythos.
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If anyone is feeling generous, I would love to have Curse The Eye Of Isis. It's on sale for $0.53 only
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Hi everyone, may I ask for Star Trek Elite Voyager or Warhammer 40K Space Marines? My birthday is in a couple of days, but I'm really short on money this month. If somebody feels generous I will appreciate that a lot :D
Thanks in any case!
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I would really, really love to play Death's Door.
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hello everyone, i am from india and i am new here
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paanjii2: hello everyone, i am from india and i am new here
Hail O! Did you just reincarnate lately or is it your first or last time?
Is there a game?

Leaving code for Moon Hunters and one for me to try a game too. ... And code for Planescape Torment classic. Thank you for several games I received from you, this community could knock out all "isms" in two seconds replacing them with noble capimunitism, where poor and rich are the same and just looking for help with reaching the experience. I think I love you or something, just don't tell anyone or I will hide ashamed of feelings. Thanks for letting me share a game that you have not asked for ^
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Taking advantage of the fact that a lot of games are on sale at the moment I've bought myself a few cheap titles, and this despite the fact that I'm currently cash-crunched, but that means I've already exhausted the budget I could spend on them, and there are still individual titles on sale from my wish list that have very attractive prices at the current discounts. That's why, if you consider yourselves kind and generous enough, I'd like to humbly ask you to gift me one of the four titles listed below:

• Frostpunk: Season Pass (-65%)
• Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter (-80%)
• Ancestors Legacy - Complete Edition (-80%)
• Moonlighter: Complete Edition (-77%)

Thank you in advance.
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I really want "re-volt" on gog it's $6
Although I'm a member for 2,5 years, only in the last few days I noticed this thread, which is about asking for games as a gift by other members. Also recently I discovered the thread by Lone_Scout, which gifts games that members give the codes to him.
I'd really like for us to had the capability to exchange games between us, from our library. Such us games which we bought and we realized that we don't like them (but they are otherwise perfectly working) and they were bought before GOG gave us the chance to refund. I 've got 2 of them in my library that I can think of. This would help in: 1) these games not rotting anymore in the library (by removing them and giving them to someone who would play them), 2) requesting the same from the other person who has the same problem, so the exchange can be performed between us us, and 3) backlog decrease.
If someone from GOG is reading this, I think it's a useful potential.
has anyone actually received a game from someone in this thread?

I really want the game "re-volt" because my prepaid visa doesn't work
superman53: has anyone actually received a game from someone in this thread?
Yes!, quite a few, that I know. And I have also given out games to people they have requested in this thread.

The thing is, you have only been registered on this web site over the last few days (according to the date tag below your username). Though maybe not your intention, but it does not give a good impression for such a new member to start requesting games at such an early stage of their membership, thus you may find that others may or will be reluctant to donate games to such a new member, as it 'can' appear that one may be here just for free games. Though not necessarily in your case. Just something to think about...

Edit: pluralised 'others', because it now makes sense...
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