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I didn't see any notice from GOG email...but here's a gift from GOG themselves!

SWEETTHANKS (GOG) - code for Artbook "Sherlock Holmes"

Credit to Catac1ysm for finding it
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Might i ask for XIII ? honestly gog is a god blessing been a while since that game was aviable any where
during the ongoing sale, if someone would be so kind, I would love a copy of
Lego Indiana Jones,
Escape from Monkey Island,
Heroes of Might & Magic 2 Gold,
Heroes of Might & Magic 5 Bundle.

If someone buys this, I will commit to playing (maybe not finishing but definitely playing) it this month.

Thank you very much.
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SHADOWS Awakening is currently 75%OFF

So if anybody be so nice i would be grateful.

Good luck to all.
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If anyone would be kind enough to send me Stardew Valley, I'd greatly appreciate it. I own it on Switch and Android, but I also want it on PC for more mods (Android version can have mods, but not every mod works

I know I'm not very active on here, but that's because I'm not much for discussion. But if me getting this game requires me to be more active, I'd love to know how I could do so.
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Here i am again .

I know i'm getting on your nerves , but let me explain before you hut the downvote button :

- i'm getting paid on the 5th and after i pay my bills no money left at the end of the month
- currency conversion : what you cost a few euros that costs me hundreds ( or thousands ) of hungarian forints

So if anyone feels generous i'd like to request these games from the current sales :

- Shadowrun Hong Kong - Extended Edition
- The Great Perhaps

All i can offer in exchange a " thank you "
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i_hope_you_rot: - Animation Arts Collection
Check chat and have fun.
FlockeSchnee: Check chat and have fun.
Thank you very much .
This week two of my friends have birthdays. They are not into digital download games, they prefer old school boxed versions. So, I decided to gift them something from my collection.
Since unlike them I prefer digital copies for my collection, I can eventually get those versions to replace the ones I'll give away to my friends.

One friend will definitely get Warcraft II since it's the first RTS he and me ever played and it has special place in our hearts. Still don't know what will I give to the other friend but there are three options available (check the attached photo).
That's why I already have Warcraft I+II Bundle on my wishlist while none of the others are there yet.

So, basically if someone wants to gift me any of these games you can see on the attached photo it would be appreciated and you would also sort of make a decision what will my other friend get for his birthday. :)
boxgifts.jpg (492 Kb)
If anyone could spare a copy of FEAR 2: Project Origin I would be much obliged.
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If anyone could buy me Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver 1 on GOG I would really appreciate. I bought the steam version but that always crashes after playing for some time.
Trick or treat! :D

If someone feels generous, I'd like to ask for Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure.

I transferred almost the entire Tex Murphy collection from Steam to my GOG library, except for this game, because it rarely appears on any sales. And now it's on sale, but I'm out of money that I could spend on games.

No one knows when it will receive such a huge discount next time. What if never? D: