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Y'know that moment when you think you've been making progress on a post only to realize you screwed up a tag and the whole thing got voided? I hate that.
DrLeatherface: Cally's Caves 3
Deep Dungeons of Doom
and Still Life 2
bler144: p.s. I'll go ahead and request House of 1,000 Doors: Family Secrets Collector's Edition
AWG43: May I request Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure for a friend of mine?
Flashfire42: Can I please request Time Mysteries Inheritance Remastered as it has made it on to my wishlist.
TheSaint54: If still available, may I request Insurgency, Europa Universalis III, and Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf? If not, absolutely no big deal.
Makotolia: May I request 8-Bit Adventures: The Forgotton Journey Remastered Edition, GemCraft - Chasing Shadows and Cubetractor?
parasol123: hey, may i have eon alter
Gerin: May I have Homefront?
KoreaBeat: Dead Rising 2
Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!
Offworld Trading Company
The Whispered World
Thief Gold
LootHunter: Then I would like to ask for Retro City Rampage. Is it still avaliable?
Sjuan: Considering that there is no limit of two games, may I ask for the Adventures of Shuggy and No Time To Explain Remastered please? :)
finkleroy: I'd like to request Psychonauts.
jpilot: May I ask for Grow Home or Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart? :)
TT_TT_TT_TT: If the no limit is still in place and you really want to reduce the list - i would to request the following games:
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows
Grow Home
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
The Journey Down: Chapter Two
kmcoolice: I would like to have Layers of Fear.
All granted.

bjgamer: I'm keeping an eye open for sales on your collective other recommendations, but in the meantime I am wondering what our puzzlemaster thinks of Opus Magnum?
It looks intriguing, to be sure. Likely quite complicated, as most of Zachtronics' games are. Never played it (or any of their games, really), but it does look very well-designed.
MarkoH01: Since the limit is lifted, I hereby request all remaining games. Thread closed ;)

P.S.: I was joking, zeo - don't you dare send me hundreds of steam keys - I warn you!
Thank you to Impaler26 for 8-Bit Adventures, kbnrylaec for GemCraft, innerring for Cubetractor and zeo for maintaining this great thread!

I was thinking that, shall we start a new thread for MarkoH01 to record his progress through all the games? ;)
Just redeemed - The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
- Thank you very much for providing the key @Aramandur

And also redeemed:
The Journey Down Chapter 2
Many thanks for donating the key @MadyNora

And last but not least thank you @Zeogold for keeping this Giveaway afloat
Thank you to triock for Layers of Fear and zeogold for managing this great thread.
Thanks Zeogold, Mchack and Swr2048 for the games! :)
Post edited March 21, 2018 by Sjuan
Thanks to gixgox for House of 1,000 Doors : Family Secrets, and thanks to zeo for hostinating!
Thank you GenlyAi and zeogold for Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure.
TT_TT_TT_TT: The Journey Down Chapter 2
Many thanks for donating the key @MadyNora
Enjoy! :)
bler144: Thanks to gixgox for House of 1,000 Doors : Family Secrets, and thanks to zeo for hostinating!
I hope you don't mind that I lost the 1000 keys for the doors.
My cousin is a trustworthy locksmith - he'll grant you a friend's discount.
thanks to DrLeatherface for the key
Many thanks to 01kipper for Psychonauts and zeogold for hosting this giveaway!
Many thanks to Zeogold for administering and managing this thread which is quite an undertaking!

Many thanks also to:

MaxFulvus for Insurgency


Aramandur for Europa Universalis III and Warhammer 40,000 Space Wolf!
Thank you to Madynora and MarkoH01 for the keys and as always cheers to Zeo for hosting :D
A big thanks to Aramandur and zeo for Holy Potatoes!?