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Thank you to ciemnogrodzianin and zeogold for Anna Quest.

Missed it the first time, fortunately ciemnogrodzianin very generous to donate another. Kudos.
Thank you zeogold and swr2048 for Nuclear Throne. I've once try it and actually pondering to bought the gog version until knowing that it was on the 2nd class citizen mix.
May I request Tricky Towers for my friend, please (if I haven't reach the limit for this month yet).

Did you add the last big additions to the main list yet?
As the enclave key did not work.
Can I ask SkyDrift now? Thanks.
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Thanks a lot zeogold, Doc0075 (for Crazy Taxi) and MaxFulvus (for Lethal League)!
Thank you Doc0075 for Nuclear Throne and muntdefems for The Novelist. And also to zeogold of course.

Have a Spooky Halloween!
Thank you zeogold and Robert1969 for Z Steel Soldiers.
Thank you bjgamer for Wizardy 6+7 and zeogold for managing this GA
kusumahendra: Thank you bjgamer for Wizardy 6+7 and zeogold for managing this GA
You are e-SPELL-ially (especially) welcome! Have a magical time gaming, and Happy Halloween! :)

PS: There are also some fun older games without high system requirements on my Tricksters and Treats Halloween GA for any who may have older machines or just like some of the older 'just for fun' games. ;)
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Many thanks to AeryunSun1701, LordMarlock and zeo !
Thanks to elizabethlucett, to anonymous and Zeogold for the keys.
also to BeatriceElysiaSorceress for the up.
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(not asking for anything)

It may have been mentioned already, but the URL for Mirage: Arcane Warfare just leads to the Steam store front page. The devs killed the game off and pulled it from sale when the GDPR restrictions (protections? legislation? there's a word that's suitable there) rolled out.
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gotta say thanks to ZinkShecoat and of course zeogold for the street of rage key!
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Big thanks for finkleroy for the key, and Zeo.