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That's one big update !

I'd like to request The Escapists 2 and Kingdom New Lands.

Thank you zeo for maintaining all this.
Falci: I'll risk asking for Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth (with DLC) in case zlaywal can't have all 4 keys he asked for and gives it up (I doubt though :P ). Otherwise, I'm cool with Zombie Driver only.
If the limit for non-daggered key is 2 then Falci can have it. If Zeo decide I could get all the Sid Meier's, then sorry ;)
May I have Conan Exiles?
I'd like to ask for NBA Playgrounds please, thank you.
Can I get The Escapist 2 or Hearts of Iron IV ?
Thanks to all the very generous gifters.

I would like to request Anna's Quest.
I would like Blackwake and Two Worlds 2 Velver Edition if available
May I request Syberia 2 and 2064: Read Only Memories?
If there is still a copy of The Escapists 2 left, can I take it?
Could I have Convoy please? Had it on the ol' wishlist since release.
I'd like to have Sudden Strike 4 and Silence.
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May I have Massive Chalice, please? Thanks.
Hmmm... May I ask for Pathologic Classic HD?
(Looks like Beyond Earth is already "too late, folks" for me.)
Btw, I wouldn't mind getting Goblin Harvest - The Mighty Quest too, if possible. Thanks!
May I have Forged Battalion please?