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Greetings, folks. Inspired by The Community Giveaway, first started by IAmSinistar, then carried on by moonshineshadow, I have decided to open up my own, but with non-GOG keys.
This giveaway was made possible by the amazing sharonbn. He opened up a giveaway here with some 90+ games to giveaway, but the poor guy got swarmed with scammers. He then entrusted me with these keys, I threw in a couple of my own, and thus is how it started. Since then, a whole slew of lovely community members have shown up to throw in theirs as well, and the list has more than doubled in size and continues to grow.

1. Keys are given AT MY DISCRETION. If you want to be the judge on where your keys go, either open up your own giveaway or go to the Non-GOG Gifting Thread.

2. Reputable members ONLY are accepted. By "reputable", I do not mean having a high rep, but having an active presence in the community. Who I deem reputable is AT MY DISCRETION.
As a general guideline, you must have a non-recent registration and have been actively participating in the community for at least a month or so. I WILL BE THE JUDGE on whether you are reputable enough or not.

3. You will be banned from this giveaway if:
- you are rude
- you are on the Known Scammers list or have otherwise been shown to be an alt account/impersonator/troll
- you lack meaningful community participation (which usually means that most of your participation is taking from giveaway threads)
- you knowingly give empty/false/unusable codes
All blacklistings are, again, AT MY DISCRETION. If you don't like it, too bad. Find somewhere else to get games.

4. No code-dropping of any sort. Please. I know you mean well, but I'd rather you donate to this giveaway.

5. If you wish to make a donation, give me a PM containing the keys. You will receive full credit for your donation and your name will be added to the list of donors. You may, however, request to be anonymous, and I will honor this request.

6. Nominating other members is allowed, and encouraged. The nomination will only be accepted if the nominee falls within the terms of this giveaway, however.

7. As a general rule of thumb, the limit per month is 2-3 games. I may be lenient depending on the special conditions listed in rule 14, and if there are a lot of games, I may remove the limit altogether.

8. Keys are first-come, first-served.

9. NO FEEDING THE TROLLS! In the event that a scammer or troll DOES arrive (and I have no doubt that they will upon seeing the very title of this thing), DO NOT PROVOKE THEM! I know who they are. You know who they are. Leave them be. I will NOT allow this thread to be derailed into a discussion about scammers.
If you want to help, flag their comment as spam and keep on moving.
If you're concerned that they're a scammer and I'm not noticing it, notify me via PM rather than clogging up this thread, please.

10. Ask in the thread. No requesting via PM unless you've already requested in the thread and I somehow missed it (which is unlikely since I'm on this forum a lot and this is one of the threads I lurk on frequently).

11. All keys from non-GOG sources are accepted. If you wish to donate a GOG key, you can PM it to me and it will be added on the GOG edition of this giveaway.

12. Sometimes, packs will be added. This means that the key will contain multiple games which cannot be separated, so if you ask for it, know that you're getting everything on it. I will count packs as one game.

13. In post #4 in the "retired keys" link are a list of keys which are being "retired". This means that these keys are freebies that have been daggered for an unusually long time or are otherwise hard to get rid of (I'll try to use good judgement on this - for example, I probably wouldn't retire Her Story if it's been on the list for 8 months without going anywhere, but I'd consider retiring a Digital Homicide game that hasn't gone anywhere for 3). They have been moved to this link to save space in the main list. In the interest of ensuring that these games go to a good home, I'll be finding other venues to give them away on and using them to try to bring people to GOG. Please be aware that retired keys can disappear at any time without warning. If you are a donor, please be aware that you might not receive thanks for a retired key since I can't guarantee I'll be able to convince the recipient to join the forum or even GOG in general, though I will inform them where it comes from. If you are making a donation and you do not wish for something in it to be retired, please let me know and I will respect this request.
As this is a new feature that I'm trying to do my best with (especially after losing contact with most of the donors), I'm definitely open to suggestions and feedback from the community.

14. Things that will cause me to be lenient with the limit are:
- Asking for DLC
- Asking for a game that has recieved lots of negative reviews
- Winning one of my games/competitions
- Asking for a game that was recently given away for free
- Asking for a Desura or game
- Asking for a game in retirement
To make it clearer, games which don't count toward the limit will be marked with a dagger (†).

I will NEVER ask for keys to be resent. Do NOT give them if I appear to be requesting this.

GOG has changed the chat privacy settings to default to "friends only". If you wish to be contacted by anyone here in the thread, make donations, receive nominations, etc., please remember to change your privacy settings accordingly even and especially if it was set to "anyone" before. Go to "orders & settings" and then "privacy" to accomplish this. You can read more information here.
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bluescreenofdeath: I hope your bad day ends up with some good things;
Themken: Not too bad. I avoided having to spend Crimbo in hospital.
Well, from a different perception of view that may be the first of many good things either.
Shards of Azuria? May I ask for it?
May I humbly ask for Day of the Tentacle Remastered please? Brings back those feelings of nostalgia from 20+ years ago...

Thanks to zeogold for the work on this thread, and to the many donors as well!
Could I have the Narborion Saga, please? Thanks!
Can i get samorost 1- 2- 3? not all three but just one. thanks
May i request HunieCam Studio please
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BKGaming: May I request Ice Lakes if nobody else has? Thanks Zeo.
BeatriceElysia: Shards of Azuria? May I ask for it?
Also granted.
Malv0isin: May I humbly ask for Day of the Tentacle Remastered please?
It seems like nearly all your forum activity is in taking from giveaways. Unless there's been some sort of mistake with the searching process or something, it's not gonna happen.
Denied due to lack of participation.
misteryo: Could I have the Narborion Saga, please? Thanks!
ElClamsCasino: Can i get samorost 1- 2- 3? not all three but just one. thanks
It would behoove you to read the OP. It's always a good idea to do this for any thread you enter. None of the Samorost games are available on this giveaway. Tell you what though, since I'm a nice guy, I'll give you Samorost 1 for free! Here you are:

BookHog92: May i request HunieCam Studio please
This giveaway is for the active community. It seems like this is...what, your second post on the entire forum? Stick around for a while, join some threads, start some conversations and such. Come back after you're a bit more well-known.
Denied due to lack of participation.
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Thanks Zeogod and Marko!
Is Dead Age still available? If yes, then I would like it please, thank you.
BeatriceElysia: Thanks Zeogod and Marko!
You're welcome.
misteryo: Could I have the Narborion Saga, please? Thanks!
zeogold: Granted.
Thanks, Zeo and Shendue!
Thanks Zeo and swr2048.
triock: Is Dead Age still available? If yes, then I would like it please, thank you.
Thank you DrLeatherface & zeo!
Hi guys,

Would it be possible to have one of the following games?

Gryphon Knight Epic


Dead Effect 2

Not too picky but would be nice to have one of these.