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Puzzlemaster, I ask of you for one thing, Puzzle Agent. Since I heard it's Twin Peaks the video game I am very interested in playing this one. Thank you for doing this parallel thread giveaway with Steam.
not in +1 for you.
Although I do not like steam I understand that some games are only there.
Falci: Great! :D Thanks you zeogold and also donators for this new giveaway.

I'd love The Original Strife: Veteran Edition if possible. :)
zeogold: Granted!
May the Great Many Blessings of the Supreme God of Heavy Metal be layed upon you and sharonbn, for this amazing grace I just received. ^_^

You guys are awesome! Thanks!
low rated
I don't think this is going to end well somehow.
Not in & +1! Thank you for the steam version :)
Nice job zeogold and all donators. Good luck! :)
Thanks Zeogold for taking on the task of keeping this ga going.
Can I ask for "Ticket to Ride"?

Many thanks to all those who donated such an enormous list of games!
May I have Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box please ?

Thank you for organizing the giveaway and to the donators, of course.
I'm in for Organ Trail and I'd like to donate keys for Bionic Commando Rearmed,Lucius and Kraven Manor.
I would like to be in, please, for X-COM: UFO Defense.

Thank you!
Can resist no longer, I see Nikopol: Secrets Of The Immortals. No lomger in Hyper just sent me a code:)

But thanks to sharonbn and zeogold for the giveaway.
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Good job zeogold for the giveaway. +1

I'll be in for Capsized.
Not in, but +1 to Zeogold for taking on the task of holding this GA and finding worthy homes for these games, and to sharonbn for coming up with the original idea and inspiring Zeo to pick up the flame.

Best of luck to both of you, and may the stinkers stay far away from you.
Awesome giveaways Zeo.. thats a pretty impressive list of games!! But not as impressive as your puzzles.

and thanks to the donators as well.. +5

Not in!
NOT IN as I have practically zero interest on Steam but +1 for the time you're going to spend on this!

Be careful though, this giveaway asks for trouble with the known scamming elements of the community trying to enter the thread and do their stuff. Keep your eyes open, ready your chat block and bring some popcorn while you' re at it. But most importantly, smile! :)