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finkleroy: *snip*
Thanks to AerynSun1701 & the anonymous donor for the keys, and finkleroy of course :)
A salute in honour of our previous Non-GOG GA keymaster zeogold who spent so much of his time over the years to benefit others here.
And of course a warm thankyou to finkleroy for taking up the reins. Thanks mate.
Huge thanks to zeogold for running the giveaway for so long, and to finkleroy for taking it over.
Let all the children boogie!
Our beloved Puzzlemaster, zeogold, has finally retired.

*raises glass*

Long live our new fearless leader Finkleroy. :D
Thank you RedRabbitRun for Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink

Thank you bjgamer for Doodle Kingdom

And thank you finkleroy for taking over the thread.
zeogold: Nobody else has made first post yet, so I may as well:

Edit: I've been ninja'd! Bamboozled! Swindled! Outmatched! I demand my money back!
So sorry zeogold!
Thank you for taking this on for Zeo, Zeo is a great guy.
I checked the list again and i would like to ask for
PewDiePie brofist game
Dungeons 2 (daggered)
One more dungeon
and Gery goo definitive edition

If you feel like that is a bit much for now you can take off grey goo

Also did you copy paste the rules from the last thread or did you change it?
My biggest homage to the abdicating King, and my biggest welcome to the new King!
I will miss zeo...
Can I request Dungeons 2 (daggered)?
finkleroy: *snip*
nevarRed: Thanks to AerynSun1701 & the anonymous donor for the keys, and finkleroy of course :)
Np. Have fun :)
Makotolia: I will miss zeo...
Thank you zeogold, your work has been much appreciated, and you have been a kind, generous, and delightful person to engage with. Don't be a stranger.

Thank you finkleroy for taking over, here's hoping you have a fulfilling time at the helm.

Thanks to 51nikopol, MadyNora, AWG43, and surfer1260 for your contributions, I promise to treat them well and have them home by curfew.

Happy gaming all.
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Since two of the games I wanted were taken, I'll take Tennis to the Face and Pewdiepie game
As I missed checking (and thus posting in) the other thread in time, a HUGE THANK YOU to zeogold for his years of running this shebang, and to you too finkleroy for helping and supporting him, and now for taking it over! I hope you really enjoy running this!

Thank you to the very generous GOG community for giving all these keys to the giveaway!

You both are appreciated more than you can guess, and the best of blessings and good luck to the baith o' ye!

Here's looking forrard to another 5K+ games!
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