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My request is blood knight
Can I ask for Yuppie Psycho: Executive Edition, please? Thank you.
may i ask for the Dwarves
I would like to request Warstone TD.
Revised request.

May I please have
SPACECOM (daggered)

Velvet Assassin.

(I realise that Velvet Assassin it has been asked for previously, but that request was for two non-daggered keys. If their request for Tannenburg is ultimately granted, may I please have the other one.)
Hi, may I have This Is the Police 2 please?
excuse me finkleroy I just want Tannenberg, I deleted the one from before
I would like to ask for the daggered Beat Hazard :)
Thank you zlaywal and finkleroy for Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises!
May I request Horizon Chase Turbo and Beat Hazard please? :)
Can I request blazerush and mud tv?

had to edit several times
Post edited August 20, 2021 by letsmaybeLP92
May I ask for King's Bounty: Armored Princess?
Can i request Unrailed?
Thank you to Not-you for the game and Fink for his daily work.
Can i have Sakura Agent pls? :)