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Thank you very much finkleroy for Mobius Front!
And may I try Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded?
Since Portal Knights is taken, may I ask for Battlefield 1?
Post edited November 28, 2021 by slurredprey
Would like to request Wargroove if it's still available.
Thank you to finkleroy and Liverpoolfanster for Fallback!
May I request Dragon Age: Inquisition (Origin)
May I ask for Aarklash : Legacy, please ?
Can I get My time at Portia
May I ask for BLACKHOLE, please?
Hi! May I have STAR WARS - Knights of the Old Republic?
erbello: I would like to ask for - (in order of preferrence - please ignore next games if I reach my limit):

- Slice, Dice & Rice
- Rolling Sun

and for daggerred ones:

- Air Conflicts: Secret Wars
- Cargo! The Quest for Gravity
- Turba

Thanks :)
finkleroy: Your request for Slice, Dice & Rice, Air Conflicts: Secret Wars and Cargo! The Quest for Gravity is granted.
Thank you so much finkleroy, Navagon and PMPMGamer :D I didn't take the Secret Wars, because Steam logged me out and I didn't notice that so I thougt I don't have it. So the key is still available :)
I’d like to request Family Mysteries 3: Criminal Mindset, and Brutal Legend from the daggered list, please.
May I have Yooka-Laylee?
Can I ask for Dragon Age: Inquisition (Origin)?
I wuld like Battlestar Galactica Deadlock if available please
and may I add the Dragon Age Inquisition , the one that is in the deggered list ?