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I will add to all the thanks to rlnonay for Botanicula. Much appreciated. Thanks as always to zeogold for keeping this going.
Thank you rlnonay for donating "Saints Row IV", thank you ofthenexus for donating "METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES" with "METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN" and thank you zeogold for hosting this giveaway.
Thank you rlnonay for Steredenn and ofthenexus for Rebel Galaxy. I look forward to playing them both. And thanks to zeogold for a great start to 2019.

Hope your 2019 will be awesome!
Thanks bler144, an anonymous donor and zeogold!
tomyam80: Edit: Oops, seems i missed that both copies were requested earlier. In that case i wld like 2 ask 4 WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.01 instead. Thks again.
zeogold: All granted.
Wow, seems rlnonay donated quite a few games 4 this update by uh... Zeohnny Rotten and Finkle Vicious so i wld like express my thks 2 rlnonay 4 the games & 2 err... Zeohnny Rotten the Puzzlemaster and his able assistant Finkle Vicious 4 their management of this GA. ;p
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thanks to finkleroy for the hobbit key and for co-hosting, and zeo for hosting!
bler144: thanks to finkleroy for the hobbit key and for co-hosting, and zeo for hosting!
You're welcome. Have fun!
Dear Sir Mr. Zeogold Esq., I'd like to graciously ask for Planetary Annihilation: TITANS and Squidlit, in case they are not already taken, which I do not believe they are.

Thank you very much, respectfully yours, and have a happy new year. :)
I would like to say thank you to bler144 for Mytheon, the anonymous donor nice enough to donate No One But You, and rlnonay for LostWinds 2. And finally to zeogold and finkleroy for keeping this whole thing going for us.
zeogold: All granted.
misteryo: Thanks, gixgox, for Tumblestone! (Out of context that almost sounds like a throwaway line from A Clockwork Orange.)

And, zeo, for being our delivery man.
Enjoy your game :)

Moon Hunters: Key donated by an anonymous donor.
Thank you to the anonymous donor and Zeo-Roy.
Many thx to A.Ryan, zeogold and anonymous donor!!! All the best in the New Year yall!
Hi zeogold, may I ask for Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae after MGS:TPP was taken please? I checked twice this time round. I think it's time to go to my optician again
Thanks to rlnonay and zeogold :)
Putting in a request for Ironclad Tactics and The Confines of the Crown.
Huge thanks to rlnonay for Betrayer, ofhtenexus for Bombshell and to the Keeper of Game Keys, Grandmaster Zeogold!