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May I have Cities in Motion 2, Obulis and TinyKeep?
high rated
Dogmaus: May I have the daggered games Heckabomb, Hacknet and Atex Brawl?
zejango: May I have Cities in Motion 2, Obulis and TinyKeep?
Also granted.
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May I ask for daggered Planets Under Attack, Eldevin: Deluxe Pack and Eldevin: Premium Rhinotaur Pack?
I'd like to request Saints Row 2.
I copied all the games from the update spreadsheet to the main spreadsheet. Links to both spreadsheets will remain in the second post until the next update arrives, at which point a link to the new update will replace the link to the current update. Please feel free to check that post and use those links to access the spreadsheets, but be sure to search the most recent posts to see what has and has not already been requested and nominated since the most recent time zeogold granted a request. If you've never perused either list of games, you can ignore the update list.
Thanks to Solus for Obulis, Lone_Scout for TinyKeep, Jonathan_The_Gamer for Cities in Motion 2 and too zeogold and finkleroy for the giveaway.
I'd be interested in picking up Tumblestone please, thanks!

finkleroy: snip
Since the month is coming to a close, I would like to request Egyptian Senet. I've heard it's a simple, but neat game, and it was sitting in the list like forever.
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May I ask for Alien Spidy?
high rated
"Veni, vidi, renovati." - Zeolius Caesar
"'I came, I saw, I updated.'" - Prof. Finkle Roy, translator and historian of the Zeoman empire
Hi, zeo and forget about my previous request.
May I ask for Rad Rodgers?
And these daggered games:
Company of Heroes 2- Soviet Commander: Conscript Support Tactics (DLC)
Company of Heroes 2 - Soviet Skin: Four Color Belorussian Front Pack (DLC)
Galactic Civilizations III
Grim Fandango Remastered
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Can I have The Coma: Recut, Spellspire and 911 Operator + DLC? Thanks.
I would be interested in Styx: Master of Shadows and Battle Chef Brigade.
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May I have The Age of Decadence and Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered?

Also, I'd like to nominate Makotolia for Galaxy Squad.