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I would love to have Stellaris and Creature Romances: Kokonoe Kokoro if possible, and from the daggered list, Sunrider Liberation Day Theme Song please?
oh! may I ask for Highway Blossoms?
ADD: and for both Sunrider Academy and Sunrider: Liberation Day?
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May i have Gloria Victis please?
I would like to request Double Dragon Trilogy and Raptor: Call of the Shadows.
Also, may i please have the daggered Panzer Corps Allied Corps DLC?
Edit: and the other copy of Sunrider Liberation Day- Captain Edition?
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May I request for Project Highrise and Sleeping Dogs, please?
May i have Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor?

PS. zeogold it looks like you made a mistake with my donation, because I donated Jetx in previous month and you have already given this game (also in previous month) as far as I remember.
Edit because game already asked by another member
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May I request this please

ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West

Thank you
May I request Goat Simulator?
May I ask for Plague Inc: Evolved?
May I ask for Finding Paradise and Rune Classic?
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May I have Fight'N Rage please?
Hey Zeo, could I please request GT Legends, Old Man's Journey and hopefully I can complete the Journey Down by requestion The Journey Down: Chapter Three
Many thanks!