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Thanks to the ever generous Doc0075 and the untiring finkleroy I'm getting (Cyber)punked. Thanks a lot!

P.S. @finkleroy : Shouldn't it be 2:45am where you live? Go to sleep! Oh, wait. I forgot, cats are nocturnal, aren't they? ;-)
May I ask for Control, if it's still available?
THESLITHERYDEE: I would like to nominate B1tF1ghter for Control Ultimate Edition.
Thanks for the nomination, and normally I *would* accept (as I long for Control Ultimate ed) but, finally, after a very long wait, TEW 1 showed up in this giveaway, and so it took a precedence as it is exceptionally rare one (compared to multiple occurences of Control being in this thread over a span of few months anyway) that I wanted to have.
But, should you so desire, feel free to nominate me for Control in the next months (should it happen to be available again someday), I am far more likely to accept it by then ;)

Doc0075: --- -
Thank you very much for TEW 1 bundle ;) Your generosity is truly something!
You sure pour in a lot of money into total strangers. I truly appreciate your longterm contribution to this thread, all the effort you put in, and I'm glad I was able to benefit from it, even tho I can give you nothing in return short of thanks.

B1tF1ghter: May I humbly put in the request for one exquisite copy of the Evil Within 1 on this hopefully-to-be-good day in this fresh new month good sir?
finkleroy: Granted.
Thank you very much finkle ;)
This is probably first time when I picked something from this giveaway on the first day of the month, lol.

Thank you Doc0075 for the game from my wishlist and finkleroy for hosting this giveaway! :)
I’d like to request Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition, please.
Many thanks to Doc0075 and finkleroy for Pillars of Eternity 2!
Cymepa: the Hand of Fate 2 with its DLCs collection.
finkleroy: Granted.
My eternal gratitude to Doc0075, the legendary game Cornucopia of these forums!
To finkleroy: many thanks, as usual :)
May I ask for The Surge 2 - Premium Edition if its still available ?
may I have Vampyr + Vampyr - The Hunters Heirlooms DLC please ?
May I have Ys Origin + Ys: The Oath in Felghana + Ys I & II Chronicles+ ?
Cold I please request Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Obsidian Edition?
nevermind, sorry for not reading the rules!
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May I have Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night?
MikoLubiGOoga: i would like stardew valley or kingdom come tysm! (and even better cyberpunk but really idc :) )
Read the rules, please.
Clairsentient: I'd like to nominate mrkgnao for Stirring Abyss.
Thank you very much for thinking of me.

If that's ok, I will decline, as I'm not quite sure it's my kind of game. It's been described as similar to X-Com: Terror of the Deep, and I can't say I really like the XCOM or X-COM series. Instead, ironically, I think I'm going to finally try to tackle Battle Brothers. Small world...

Thanks again.
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