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May I have Darkest Dungeon + Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court (DLC) + Darkest Dungeon: The Color Of Madness (DLC) + Darkest Dungeon: The Shieldbreaker (DLC) + Darkest Dungeon - Musketeer (DLC) + Darkest Dungeon Soundtrack (DLC)?

Thank you
.Keys: That's scary. The size of this this list.
Im really thinking here as many people will have their first opportunity to play some of those games. Really thanks for the donators.

If anybody else wants it, may I have Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Fate edition, finkleroy, please?
finkleroy: Granted.
Thank you Finkle and Doc for giveaway and donation.

Recommending: Hollow Knight, Dragon's Dogma, Dragon Age, King Arthur Collection, Batman series
Thank you very much Doc0075 for the Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition key, and thank you very much to finkleroy for the giveaway!
A huge thank you for Doc's generosity and for finkleroy's hard work on managing the giveaway! :)
Always after requesting a game, the best part starts with building anticipation - who could be the generous donor who donated this game? Sometimes one might harbor a suspicion, but you never really know until fink comes around with the big reveal in chat.
Luckily he didn't drag out the process too much this time. Come to think of it, he never really does. My thanks, finkleroy, for understanding the fraught status of my nerves, and that I enjoy my anticipation in tiny little bits!

I always make a little wager with myself about the donor. I carefully research donation patterns. Some donors prefer to give games starting with an "S", some prefer to donate older games, some newer, and then there's the black horses who you can never really anticipate. I've been wrong more often than not when wagering with myself about the donor, but lately, I've been betting on one of these dark horses more often, and have hit an amazing winning streak with guessing right. This time, once more, I managed to defy the odds and guess correctly. Thank you, Doc! Gaming in space wouldn't be the same without you! :)
Thanks doc0075 and finkleroy for Sunless Skies!
Thank you Santa Doc0075 for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night + Bloodstained: IGA's Back Pack (DLC) and
finkleroy for managing this giveaway
This game is on top of my "I want to play ASAP" game. Very glad to receive this
May I ask for Risen + Risen 2: Dark Waters Gold Edition + Risen 3: Titan Lords please? :)
May I request Northgard?
Your generosity knows no bounds Doc. Many thanks.

Thanks as well to finkleroy for tirelessly administering the GA.
Huge thanks to finkleroy for managing the giveaway and Doc0075 for the generosity!
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My last nomination of the month, CordeliaMelody for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel.
Forgot about rule #13, so I've edited my post above - sorry for the inconvenience!

In order to comply with the rules, I'm making a new post in order to ask for Art of Rally, if i'm still eligible. Thank you!
Nice drop! May I have Shenmue III?