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Thank you Finkleroy and Doc for the game! It was just too tempting.
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Thanks to Doc0075, theslitherydeee and of course, finkleroy!
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park_84: May I ask for Batman: Arkham Knight + Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass ?
samuraigaiden: Hello. Can I please have Iron Danger? Thanks in advance.
finkleroy: ...
Thanks. And thank you Doc0075 as well.

This will be a first for me as I've never played any Diablo before (tried to play the second when I borrowed the big box from a friend in high school years ago, only to realize the PC I had couldn't run it at all. Borrowed Commandos along with it though and that ran just fine, which was a great intro to that series so it wasn't a total letdown.)
Thank you very much Doc, you're awesome!
I am requesting Overload if it's still available.
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Many many thanks to Doc0075 and his infinite generosity, and finkleroy of course!
Thank you so much Doc0075 and finkleroy.
The fight club giveaway was very funny, I regret to miss it.
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GamezRanker: May I please have Diablo + Hellfire as my game for this month? :)
finkleroy: Granted.
Thanks Doc...once again you set a shining example for us all. You rock! :)
(already thanked fink via PM)
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Many thanks to finkleroy and Doc0075 for Divinity: Original Sin - The Source Saga!
Many thanks to fink and doc!
Thank you, Doc, for yet another awesome gift!
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TheBigCore: I am requesting Overload if it's still available.
Hi, may I have the Gothic bundle?
I'd like to request Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition.

Damn, what an avalanche of games :O Someone should put out a restraining order for doc because it seems he is on a mission to flood the world with games :P
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