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I would like to request A Plague Tale: Innocence + A Plague Tale: Innocence dlc please.. thank you
Post edited February 01, 2022 by jimrh69
Enebias: I'd also like to nominate Klumpen for Succubus.
Thanks, I just wanted to ask for Succubus + Succubus Unrated (DLC) since it's region locked here.
I would take Fates of Ort.
May I ask for Space Haven.
Since two people seem to be have faster for Succubus, could I have
Agony + Agony UNRATED
if the first is already gone?

Same reason as before, due to region lock it can't be bought here.
Poor finkle, sorting out everything will be a nightmare.
May i ask for Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition if someone requested it before me i'd like Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition
How what a run of requests.

May I request Stardew Valley?
Enebias: Poor finkle, sorting out everything will be a nightmare.
I was starting to go through them all and document the first requests, the requestees, and the page numbers but then realized Finkle would have to go through them all to verify them anyway. So, not sure if it would really help or not. It might just add to the confusion. haha.
I'd like to request North & South, please.
low rated
Request order:

The Forgotten City
The Wolf Among Us
Fates of Ort
The Curse of Monkey Island + Escape from Monkey Island
Dungeon Siege Collection
I'd like to send some chorts to nominate the koldun matterbandit for Black Book so he can learn some useful zagovors
Enebias: Btw, thanks a lot for the thought, bluethief!
I remember reading that Jupiter Hell was your most wanted game, so it got stuck in my head.

After my post, nor only I saw that you were requesting a different game, but other users had already requested the two copies available, so the nomination wouldn't got through. But I'm assuming you already have Jupiter Hell, so I think it's good :)
Hello fink, any chance for "Vaporum + Vaporum: Lockdown"? If this has been taken and somehow I missed the request, can I have "The Hand of Merlin" instead? Thanks a bunch!
May I request Megaquarium + Megaquarium: Architect's Collection (DLC) + Megaquarium: Freshwater Frenzy - Deluxe Expansion (DLC)?