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May I have Cleo - a pirate's tale - Deluxe Edition please?
d6nxyzrwk: In my opinion it has always been unfair to the rest of the community to request multiple entries at once [..]
Upvote this post if you think multiple request entries should NOT be allowed.
I agree, but finkleroy allowed it for this big giveaway, so I went for it too in this round.
TheBigCore: It make sense for people to post games in order of preference because then you at least have a chance of getting one of the games that you want if one of them was already taken.
Lone_Scout: I see no wrong in that and there's no rule against it right now. But it could lead to an extra load of work for finkleroy if many people start making requests this way. That's why finkleroy should decide on this subject, I think...
I feel that orders of preference are natural - it is not asking for more than one game, it is just adjusting to a chaotic situation where one cannot reasonably check fast enough which games are available.

This is of course up to finkleroy. If orders of preference were disallowed, it might magnify the number of posts in this kind of rapidly moving event: people would ask for one game, notice they were beaten to it, make a second post to ask for another, notice they were beaten to that too, make a third post...

All that said, I think Doc's giveaway is a unique and wonderful special case which might be chaotic regardless. Normal operation is likely to be slower-paced anyway.
Lone_Scout: Things are getting a bit chaotic...

We need an update on the rules to clarify if posting a list of several games in order of preference is allowed.
d6nxyzrwk: Couldn't agree more.

Honestly (this time around) I've only been doing what I've noticed to be the norm here in the past, though requesting multiple entries seems to be frowned upon for the most part. But I have not seen that for say, individuals who only requested two entries at the most.

So I agree with Lone_Scout, there should at a minimum be a definite rule on wether multiple request entries are allowed or not, or perhaps no more than a certain number?

In my opinion it has always been unfair to the rest of the community to request multiple entries at once (plus greatly unfair to finkleroy).

I believe that one should be allowed to ask only one entry at any given time (in fairness to the rest of the community), and if you miss it: you miss it. Maybe you'll be luckier next time you try.

Upvote this post if you think multiple request entries should NOT be allowed.
Downvote this post if you think multiple request entries are just fine.

Ultimately this is finkleroy's thread and should be up to finkleroy to decide what goes and what doesn't, so ignore upvoting/downvoting altogether if (like myself) you think finkleroy should have the last word on the matter.
The bot net douches just up or down votes with no sense... going by rating is a poor method on GOG.
Best to get replies/start another thread & link it.
Personally I think it's unreasonable to post more than 2 at most.(like if you see one requested but think it'll be denied but put a second just in case it's not).
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Insane day, i wouldn´t like to be finkleroy today.

May i please ask for GRIS in case isn´t granted before?

Have a nice today for all.
May I please have... Streets of Rogue + Streets of Rogue Character Pack (DLC)?
I went thru the last few pages of requests and I didn't see anyone list Low Magic Age as their first option. If still available, may I request it? If not, I would like to request Dicey Dungeons or Monster Train if those are available. Thanks again, and best wishes with all the sorting here.
Can I get a copy of Dice Legacy? Feel a bit piggish as I'm still playing Fort Triumph from last month but I was super intrigued by this one.

And sorry I can't remember the person's name, but there was an early adopter here who have a nice rundown of actual gameplay for this weird genre mashup - INCLUDING letting me know the developers fixed one of my early turn offs

There was a stretch of time where you could only issue commands during pause on one very specific difficultly level - they since instituted a "pause and command any time" options - way to listen!

Anyone remember who was doing the early impressions? Want to thank them again.
May I request Shenmue III Deluxe?
I'd like to request Destroy All Humans! + Destroy All Humans! Special Skin Pack (DLC); or Kingdom Come Deliverance if not.
Also a PSA (sorry to clutter up the thread Fink!)

Whoever ends up with Hand of Merlin - fire it up right away! The game is fantastic. It sort of checks all my boxes for "stuff I like" and it's just a blast to play.

I'll usually wait for story or campaign based games to exit In Dev before I play them, but a "run" based game that seems polished and ready to go, with just tweaking or maybe adding a few features here and there I have no qualms firing up. This one is totally polished and fun right now - no reason to wait for it to exit In Dev if you're jonesing for a complete experience.

Can't wait to see what they add, but as is I have no question recommending it as a full featured game that doesn't feel the least bit still in development. Complete experience right now!
teshra: I've played 3 games today since downloading it. I make it to the city but can't get past the final boss, not even close. Until that point its been somewhat simple to get there but whatever final boss shows up in the city, they massacre me. Will need to refine my strats for next run.
mrkgnao: It's a game one indeed gets better at over time. And you also unlock better cards and relics as you play.
you need to fidn the right synergies, and don't get every card you can get. You can aim at a killing deck with few upgraded cards, invest in burning cards in the fire.
greyhat: Weird. I have made a few posts and they dont show up in the feed!

Edit: there must have been some server lag. it took about ten minutes of refreshing for them to show up.

PS: no need to down vote for honest mistakes people. The servers were lagging and posts were not showing up for 10 minutes or more so a few people, my self included reposted.
yep, sad to see people being unfriendly for no reason at such a cool time! We know the forum is a mess!
I'm surprised it didn't GOG bear when the ga started!
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aCyborg: May I have Loop hero if it is still available?
Thanks in advance

man I edited due to misspell and according to the rules this post is invalid...
try again now :) don't edit this time! a mispell doesn't matter! the vampires have enough spells for everyone!