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I will add to the chorus of appreciation to zeogold for all the time and effort put in in both of the giveaways. All the best in the future.

Thanks to finkleroy for taking over this giveaway.
Oooh it's so sad that you can no longer feed the community of your disinterested largesse.

The king is dead, long live the king ! and welcome to the new team Finkleroy and Damon18.
Thank YOU, zeogold, for devoting your time and efforts to this giveaway thread and I wish you good luck. Stay strong!
Thank you Zeo for being a part of this great community and putting so much effort into it. Gonna miss you really bad as you are the one and only Zeo and made the GOG forums interesting and memorable. A bit of those warm, fuzzy late 2012 GOG vibes will dissapear with you :/. I wish you all the best in your life and future career and hope to see you again at some point in the future. Stay strong. Cheers
zeogold: As such, I'm handing this here GOG edition of the Community Giveaway to Finkleroy as well (as I can already see he's done a fine job with the non-GOG one). I also am taking a departure from the GOG forum entirely (it was probably rather overdue, in all honesty, considering the giveaway was all that was holding me here...). I might pop around from time to time for the odd donation or giveaway participation, but for the large part, I plan to be gone.
You've done a great job over the years Zeogold. Best of luck for the future!
All the best for you, Zeo, Good luck and thanks for everything!
Thank you Zeogold for keeping this Giveaway and more importantly the spirit and idea behind the Giveaway kicking and running for such a long time!
Good luck and everything good for you in the future and i hope the major changes IRL are postive ones/happy ones and i wish you the best
Lock requested by the owner.

Thank you for your involvement in this topic.

Here's my dog to make this post less sad.

See you space cowboy.

New Community Giveway :
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