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I'd like to nominate Braggadar for Never Alone Arctic Collection
ConsulCaesar for Hyper Light Drifter
and BeatriceElysia for Chuchel - Cherry edition.
Hello. Can i have Tooth and Tail?
Any chance for Chuchel?
I'd love to play the game. May I?
May I ask for Bioshock 2 Remastered please ?
May I ask for Victory at Sea please ?
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RickyAndersen: ConsulCaesar for Hyper Light Drifter
I am grateful but this time I'd prefer to leave the game to someone else who will probably enjoy it more or sooner than I can. :)
Deleted (Game already requested)
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I didn't check if it's been requested or not so if it's been requested feel free to ignore

I'd like to request Hyper Light Drifter please.
Thank you
If it's possible, may I ask for: War for the Overworld: Underlord Edition ?

Could I have Diablo, if there's one left that is?
May I ask for Deluvion: Resubmerged Edition.
*Coughs* I'd love to have Distrust, if it's still up.
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finkleroy: I'd like to nominate BranjoHello for The Dream Machine.
Thank you for the nomination but (again) I'll have to decline and let someone who (hopefully) has genuine interest in the game have it. Yes, I have commented that it looks great (I have a soft spot for clay looking stuff), but I already have similar games in my backlog that are already waiting too long to be played.

Since this is like my 3rd consecutive nomination that I have turned down, here's how those thinking about me (for which I'm always thankful, really!) can avoid this situation in the future. Before nominating me check my wishlist that has always been public, if something is not on my wishlist you can be sure I don't plan to play it and thus don't need it.
If Branjo doesn't want it, I'd like to give the Dream machine a new home.