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Howdy, folks, and welcome to the next incarnation of The Community Giveaway, a tradition carried on by the handsome IAmSinistar, the lovely moonshineshadow, and now, the Puzzlemaster himself!

1. If you donate a key to this giveaway, you're leaving who gets it FULLY UP TO MY DISCRETION. If you'd like to pick and choose who gets what yourself, you'll have to open up a giveaway of your own.

2. Reputable members ONLY are accepted. By "reputable", I do not mean having a high rep, but having an active presence in the community. Who I deem reputable is AT MY DISCRETION.
As a general guideline, you must have a non-recent registration and have been actively participating in the community for at least a month or so. I WILL BE THE JUDGE on whether you are reputable enough or not.

3. You will be banned from this giveaway if:
- you are rude
- you are on the Known Scammers list or have otherwise been shown to be an alt account/impersonator/troll
- you lack meaningful community participation (which usually means that most of your participation is taking from giveaway threads)
- you knowingly give empty/false/unusable codes
All blacklistings are, again, AT MY DISCRETION.

4. No code-dropping of any sort. Please. I know you mean well, but I'd rather you donate to this giveaway.

5. If you wish to make a donation, give me a PM containing the keys. You will receive full credit for your donation and your name will be added to the list of donors. You may, however, request to be anonymous, and I will honor this request.

6. Nominating other members is allowed, and encouraged. The nomination will only be accepted if the nominee falls within the terms of this giveaway, however. The nominee has a week to claim the game before it is up for grabs for everyone else again. If somebody has been nominated for a game, the game will be marked with an exclamation mark (!) until either redeemed or a week has passed. If you do not wish to receive nominations, either leave a request in the thread or PM me and you'll be added to the "no-gift" list on the OP. If you wish to be removed from this list, let me know in the same manner. Please limit the amount of nominations you make to around 3 a week.

7. The limit is one game per month. Exceptions are made for games with a dagger symbol (†), which indicates that they were given away en masse for free sometime in the past.

8. Keys are first-come, first-served.

9. Some games are on a multi-game code. If given such a code, only redeem the game you asked for. The malicious redeeming of extra keys will net you a nifty ban.

10. NO FEEDING THE TROLLS! In the event that a scammer or troll DOES arrive (and I have no doubt that they will upon seeing the very title of this thing), DO NOT PROVOKE THEM! I know who they are. You know who they are. Leave them be. I will NOT allow this thread to be derailed into a discussion about scammers.
If you're concerned that they're a scammer and I'm not noticing it, notify me via PM rather than clogging up this thread, please.

11. Ask in the thread. No requesting via PM unless you've already requested in the thread and I somehow missed it (which is unlikely since I'm on this forum a lot and this is one of the threads I lurk on frequently).

12. Only GOG keys are accepted for this thread. If you have a non-GOG key, I will accept it, but it will go to the non-GOG edition of this giveaway instead.

I will NEVER ask for keys to be re-sent. If you get a message asking for such, ignore it, as you're likely getting scammed.

GOG has changed the chat privacy settings to default to "friends only". If you wish to be contacted by anyone here in the thread, make donations, receive nominations, etc., please remember to change your privacy settings accordingly even and especially if it was set to "anyone" before. Go to "orders & settings" and then "privacy" to accomplish this. You can read more information here.

The available games available are listed in posts 2 and 3.
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direspirefirewire: No worries zeogold, might i request for Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Planetary Pack then?
Thank you zeogold and Aturuxo for the key! Have a good week ahead.
Thank you, PaterAlf and zeogold for Escape Goat!

I will try to play this soonish. I've been without much to do these days for real. Hopefully it puts my mind to rest.
Thanks aghem for System Shock: Enhanced Edition and zeogold for taking good care of the puppy. Now that it has grown up you can teach him to play your companion in Fallout.
aghem: May I ask for this one?
zeogold: Oops, seemed I missed this, my apologies.
No worries Zeogold :) Thank you InkPanther and Zeogold!!!
May I have FTL: Advanced?
I noticed some games have a (what point 7 calls,) a daggar symbol. I noticed these games were gog giveaways which redeem direct to your account. did people ask gog to convert these into gift codes and gog complied?
timmy010: I noticed some games have a (what point 7 calls,) a daggar symbol. I noticed these games were gog giveaways which redeem direct to your account. did people ask gog to convert these into gift codes and gog complied?
When GOG gives away games that you already own, it is automatically converted to gift codes.
timmy010: I noticed some games have a (what point 7 calls,) a daggar symbol. I noticed these games were gog giveaways which redeem direct to your account. did people ask gog to convert these into gift codes and gog complied?
(Generally) no. If you already owned such a game at the time of the giveaway, you'd get a gift code for the game instead.
Do i have to have clicked the redeem button? I never clicked them because i thought i may get two copies of the same game due to some gog bug (which is completely realistic considering the various bugs that have cropped up on gog)

And do the codes expire?
timmy010: Do i have to have clicked the redeem button?
timmy010: And do the codes expire?
For the longest time they didn't, but since earlier this year, they do, and fairly swiftly, too (in about 2-3 weeks, iirc). So there'll be lots of codes still floating around for games given away years ago, but basically none for the last couple of giveaways, other than immediately after.
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Gede: Hello. May I please be considered for Frozen Cortex? I liked Frozen Synapse a lot.
How many zeos would you rate it in the puzzle scale?
zeogold: Also granted.
I haven't played it yet, so I'll give it a 1/1 rating.
Thank you. I'm hoping that this will be some sort of brainy counterpart to Speedball 2.
May i ask FTL: Advanced Edition?
may i have doom 3 pls?
high rated
Gerin: May I have FTL: Advanced?
Schizo2015: may i have doom 3 pls?
Also granted.
Andrey82: May i ask FTL: Advanced Edition?
I'm afraid you were beaten to it. See anything else you'd like?
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