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AliensCrew: Can I get "Tesla vs Lovecraft"?
zeogold: Granted.
Thank Doc0075 for the game & Zeogold for leading this great Thread.
Thank you so much Doc and Zeo for the game and for what you both do for all GOG peeps:)
Post edited March 05, 2019 by Moonbeam
Big thanks to the most generous Doc & almighty zeo! O.o
Doc, you're golden! Thank you & thank you zeogold.
i like to ask for MDK
i would like to ask for saint row 2
Welcome back, zeogold!
Thank you zeogold and Doc0075 for Distrust.
BeatriceElysia: Doc, you're golden! Thank you & thank you zeogold.
Indeed! Thank you again, Doc and zeo!
Thanks to CervelloYM for the key to Gateways and zeo as always for his diligent work with this long running giveaway.

May I request Neverwinter Nights Diamond (daggererd) please? Thanks.
Thanks to Doc0075 and zeogold :)
Welcome back Zeogold ! Don't worry we are patient, legions, and patients ;-P
Thank you for the job !

Do you think you will be quite buzy for the next weeks and thus we should defer the keys donations, or is it ok for you to still manage the huge list (especially the steam one) ?
Thank you tedmu and zeo for Deponia!
Hello! Is it too late to ask for Age of Wonders? Thank you kindly in advance, and you guys are great for doing things like this!
Thank you to the lovely LynetteC for such generosity and to our equally handsome puzzlemaster Zeo for his effort in running the show!