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OHMYGODJCABOMB: The owner of the gift key can easily check who activated it (in the order list).

So, if it turns out that the requested key wasn't activated by the nominated friend of TheDudeLebowski, then, I guess, TheDudeLebowski will be banned in this giveaway.
Cavalary: There isn't a rule against that? Hmm, was sure it was there. Should be. I mean, games should only go to eligible people and they need to be redeemed by the person zeo sends the key to, to ensure that. So it couldn't go to said friend either way, not normally.
Makes sense. Even though it'd be great if I could request a key for said friend, I vote for the rule 'to be unable to request keys for friends' to be instated for the above reason.
I would like to request "Master of Magic", please.
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AWG43: Sure. You can ask for it, but it will count as your own request (one game per month limit). So it's better to nominate a friend for a game (as Lone_Scout already said) if he or she has GOG account.
TheDudeLebowski: Problem is my friend made his account last month, so is not eligible to be nominated. Don't mind losing my allowance of 1 per month.
Well, if he is quite active on GOG forums you can invite him here and vouch for him. If he is good I'm sure I can vouch for him as well. Or you can just request the key and tell to zeo your friend's nickname. And, by the way, be quick about that - the game you are willing to ask for might be already requested.

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Thank you Zeo and ElPrimordial for Realms of Arkania 1+2. The bonus content is cool too! Thisa gift is a nice note in this day sound.
Thanks to zeogold and Licurg for the key!
Suggestions for replacement for the exclamation mark (!): ☺ ♥
Thanks to i_hope_you_rot for Warsow :)
May I ask for JYDGE?
I might be to late, but I would like to ask for The Witcher 3: GOTY Edition.
If I am not too late, could I please get Outlast 2 by any chance?
May i request one of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt keys?
Hello Guys and good day or night. Please, Could I get Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY Edition? Thanks for your hard work.
Nvm. I asked for Outlast 2, but there is no way I am going to get it, because of the fact that at least 2 people has already asked for it.
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zeogold: Any suggestion on symbol?
What about ⚠️ / ⭐ ?
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I would like to ask for Dungeons 3
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