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mrkgnao: If I may nominate too, I would like to nominate Cavalary for Tropico 4, or better yet Tropico 4 + DLC.
Cavalary: Thank you so much! Feeling so awkward about it, and even more so since I see it's on your wishlist too, but... Thanks a ton to you for nominating me, toxicTom for giving it away, moonshineshadow for running this giveaway and all the rest who still keep some of the old spirit here, in spite of everything.

And if I may, can I nominate PaterAlf for Dragon Wars? :)
My pleasure, not that I did anything except draw attention to a worthy community member.
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Thanks again for these free games guys much appreciate. o/
HypersomniacLive: joppo is trying to find The Last Door: Collector's Edition.
I couldn't believe it when I opened my chat and I saw a totally unexpected key for The Last Door: Collector's Edition. I did not know of this giveaway thread, which only made the surprise even more... surprising! It was a really amazing demonstration of why this community is so awesome. It came totally out of the blue.

Many of the members that make this community what it is have my admiration and gratitude for several reasons. Among these I MUST mention:
- Ian666, the first mass giver I got to know here (Does anybody know whether he's still active?);
- IAmSinistar, who started the original thread and gave away so much more than he received;
- Moonshineshadow, who took over the task of organizing this MASSIVE giveaway. It's no easy feat;
- HypersomniacLive, who nominated me; and
- mchack, who provided the game I received.

A big THANK YOU to all of you, the other givers and all the awesome guys and gals that make even an antisocial guy like me enjoy the time I spend in these forums. :)

And, as is only fair, I'll be contributing back a key containing both Influx and King of Dragon Pass.
moonshineshadow: Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition
Might and Magic 7: For Blood and Honor
Shattered Steel
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
Subwar 2050 Complete (3 copies)
Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger
Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom
I would like to nominate <span class="bold">Waltorious</span> for any one of the above, which are all on his wishlist. He's always been tremendously helpful to me (and many others) on the RPG subforums...and not just recently, I'm talking about for years here on GOG.
It is crazy how generous the community is here. Look at that list of games! Kudos to all the givers!
joppo: - Ian666, the first mass giver I got to know here (Does anybody know whether he's still active?);
I haven't seen Ian in a while (here or on steam)
HypersomniacLive: HunchBluntley is in the dark and in desperate need of a Torchlight.
Quite unexpected! I was completely in the dark, indeed, when I got a Chat message from moonshineshadow informing me of this. I accepted only since so many seem to already have the game thanks to it being offered as a temporary freebie last year -- just a couple weeks or so before I registered -- and I've seen people previously have trouble getting rid of their codes. Plus, it looks interesting. =D Anyway, my most baffled thanks to you two, and to MIK0, who apparently supplied the game. (And to IAmSinistar, and ..., and ..., and .... ;P )

Also, a shout-out to DampSquib for offering me another title out of the blue the other day. I kinda feel weird accepting this one after turning down that one, but...well, see my rationalization above. =P Thanks again for the offer.
...Oh, and thanks again to olegome, if he's around, who randomly contacted me to offload his surplus System Shock 2 code.
...Oh, shit, and Crewdroog, who gift-bombed me a couple months ago!

+1s all around!
Many thanks to Gnostic for Die by the Sword+Limb From Limb. Additional thanks to moonshineshadow for hosting The Community Giveaway, to IAmSinistar for hosting the previous giveaway, and to the plethora of generous game code contributors to all of these giveaways as well.

I just submitted passed along a few of my spare game keys to moonshineshadow for future giveaway gifts also, including 2 copies of Age of Wonders, Torchlight, and Dungeon Keeper Gold if they may be of interest to anyone.

Thanks again for the giveaways everyone and for the great community spirit!
It seems that Empire Earth is a long-time wish of LoboBlanco :)
Okay, I'd like to nominate Stilton for Panzer Elite: Special Edition, as it appears on this nice Brit's wishlist!
And please consider Enebias for a copy of the awesome Toonstruck!
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Many thanks to gnostic for Descent.
Many thanks to moonshineshadow for sending me Lilly Looking Through and many thanks to budejovice for donating it!
Thanks to Benkii for the nomination, Trentonlf for the donation and moonshineshadow for the adminisration!

I'm off to play some Freespace 2 now!
Whoop whoop!
I wasn't even aware of this GA, and to find out I'd won something was a very pleasant start to the day. :)

Thanks to Benkii for the nomination, Phc7006 for the donation and moonshineshadow for the adminisration!
Great thread here but I honestly did not realize how I can donate games. I'd have 3 spare ones to give away...