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Thank you very much, PaterAlf! :D

Good luck to all the other participants and enjoy your games!
Cthullu, I still believe your repentance and wearing Santa's cap will be eventually appreciated ;)
Congrats to the winners! :)
Congrats to the winners! :) I'm still in for The Wolf Among Us.
Not in just want to show my support for this very generous giveaway.

+1 PaterAlf
Congratulations to the winners!

I'm still in for Alan Wake or This War of Mine: Soundtrack Edition, please
congrats to those who won the giveaway and best of luck to the peeps for round 2 i changed my avatar again and im still in for Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

edit: good lord my avatar didnt change immediately it'll change in a bit tho when it does i'll remove this edit part of my post
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Thanks for your generous giveaway (+1)! I hope you and your family have a nice Christmas!

I'm in for:

Alan Wake

edit: I already changed my avatar, I think it will show up soon...
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Thank you for another round of your yearly GA!

This time I'm in for:

Legends of Eisenwald

Tales of Maj'Eyal

(in order of preference)

Have a nice pre-Christmas time!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Finally my avatar is ready, I'm in for, in order of preference:
Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
The Wolf Among Us
And a public thanks from me too! I played some Pirates! with the kids. They LOVED it. I told them back in the C64 days, it was how I learned all about the Carribean and the Spanish Main and the loads of history behind it.

What a great game!
PaterAlf: Everybody who didn't win this week can either stay in with the same avatar or change it again. If you want to alter the list of games you are in for either edit your old post or create a new one. Both is fine for me.
OK, changed my avatar now just wait.

And I recently had read this article on Gamasutra. So now I want This War of Mine more than Deponia 2.

In other words I'm in for This War of Mine.

UPD. Avatar changed at last! Took more than 12 hours!
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I like this one:
Smugglers V + Smuggler's Guild + Smugglers V: Invasion + Smugglers V: Invasion - Warrior Within

do you like my avatar.
It seems it's my lucky day, just found The Sexy Brutale in my mystery loot box.

Now I have to try my luck here with HuniePop.
It's about time to see what it is all about this game.

Thanks for this giveaway.

I nearly forgot to say it :
I am in.
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