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Deals and Bundles up to 85% Off | Get LIMBO on GOG Connect!

Get your shopping carts in position and flex your clicking fingers: Black Friday has come to early this year! For the next five days let the spirit of Black Friday guide you and take advantage of the special deals and bundles.

In total sync with the sale's signature palette, Playdead’s INSIDE and LIMBO are making their much-anticipated debut in the sale, with LIMBO at 80% off and also available on GOG Connect!

For those looking for something more colorful, thousands upon thousands of Cossacks 3 in brilliant outfits are proudly marching this way with their -10% banners held up high.

But traditionally, Black Friday is about the spectacular deals, so here are some of the highlights:

—Shadow Warrior 2 25% OFF
—Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition 50% OFF
—Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 75% OFF
—S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series up to 75% OFF
—Kerbal Space Program 40% OFF
—Grim Dawn 40% OFF
—Day of the Tentacle Remastered 33% OFF

Time to clear out those pesky wishlists!

The Black Friday specials last until Sunday, November 27, 10:59 PM UTC.
LIMBO will be available on GOG Connect until January 1, 10:59 PM UTC.
NuffCatnip: May I ask, why do so many believe the Bioshock games will release on gog?
IAmSinistar: Mostly because the first one has been available DRM-free on Humble for a while now. Makes sense that if they are willing to allow it there, they should allow it here.
Ah, thank you. :)
Have both games on disk, but DRM free versions on gog would be great.
NuffCatnip: Ah, thank you. :)
Have both games on disk, but DRM free versions on gog would be great.
Quite so. I have the Humble edition, as well as the whole series on Xbox, but having it on GOG would be lovely indeed. :)

EDIT: I think I still have the original PC edition somewhere too, with the Big Daddy figurine and the soundtrack. Still in shrinkwrap, probably. :D
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the black and gold, and the sun... does the sale hint a nilfgardian gwent invasion?
Naaah, nothing for me this time. Just 2 titles from wishlist and a few I'm interested in.
Nice to see playdead titles here, inSIDE added to wishlist for now. Enjoy the sale everyone ;)
GOG is determined to bankrupt me. Will new deals be added each day?
Usually more of my "I want to grabs" are on sale for these things. Oh well. If Bioshock gets in, I'll see. But if these are the only deals, I'll skip it.
EndlessWaves: I'm not sure how the free game offer is supposed to work. I follow the link to gog connect but I don't see any notification or link claim the free game? I do have gog connect linked to my old steam account.

Is this just an oddly worded notification that Limbo is currently on gog connect or am I doing something wrong?
WildHobgoblin: Mhm, do you have your Steam profile set to public? Which is kind of the only reason I could imagine for the game not showing up at all. Or, maybe you already own the game on Gog? Does Limbo appear in the list of "unavailable games" at the bottom?
It shows up on the normal connect 'unavailable games' listing with an X, as it would do if this was a normal gog connect addition since I don't own it on steam.

That may be what it is, but given the 'free game' wording I initially assumed this was some sort of additional promotional freebie available to any gog account that has a steam account linked.
Post edited November 22, 2016 by EndlessWaves
Well I'm safe until the Winter Sale ...

... but seriously $5 for Vampire Bloodlines is just silly. Anyone on the fence should grab it ASAP!
EndlessWaves: It shows up on the normal connect 'unavailable games' listing with an X, as it would do if this was a normal gog connect addition since I don't own it on steam.
You definitely have to own it on steam, I see where the wording can be confusing.
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huan: Victor Vran is bit more acrobatic and about avoiding being hit, in Grim Dawn you can build char that can tank almost anything. I didn't particularly like how the challenges are done in VV. They add bit of replayability, but they are too much Out Of Character.
How were the challenges out character? From the little I've played, the challenges were like "Kill 50 spiders with a shotgun", "Use X ability Y times" or "Kill XYZ bad guy in ABC place". Considering gameplay in ARPGs is using your abilities to kill truckloads of baddies, the challenges so far don't seem to be out of place. The "Kill 70 enemies with taking damage" is a nasty one though. I've only played around in the first area so maybe I haven't seen these out of character challenges yet.

huan: If that bothers you or not is matter of taste. My current rankings for diablolikes on GOG is Grim Dawn > Van Helsing > Victor Vran > Torchlight(s).
I've just wishlisted Van Helsing and Torchlight, I'll check em out a bit later. ARPGs by their nature can be repetitive so the way you could switch between play styles on the fly without interrupting the current game drew me to VV. But like you said, that's a matter of taste, I know people who like ARPGs want to build their character. As long as GD and VV are different enough, I'll still consider picking up GD. I've played Diablo 2 to death, I won't be playing Diablo 3 so I am looking for other games to scratch that ARPG itch ;)
Niggles: isnt Limbo that game that literally lasts half an hour at the most?
Only if you already know the game really well, know what to do.
For normal people it should take 2-3 hours to beat. If you are really bad at platforming it might take even longer.

You might be confusing it with Inside, the walkthrough I saw of that game only took ~45 minutes, and he had not played it before.
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Great sale! Hope you will add more games with discounts in the next few days. :)
Glad to see Limbo here, and now I have three, three ha ha ha (insert The Count picture here), places to DL it from.

Will look into buying the other game by that developer when I'm not actively playing another game, with a few more from the fall sale sitting in wait.

And yes, I'm too lazy to bother finding a picture of The Count, sue me.
Andrey82: Great sale! Hope you will add more games with discounts in the next few days. :)
Well, that`s not very likely. A blue said in this thread, that there won`t be any new discounted games during the sale.
But he said it with a smile, so......
Happily, nothing on my wishlist is even slightly discounted. I can actually keep my money this time!

Then again, I have accumulated 238 titles into the library over six years (it's been six years? Christ.), so it's not like I haven't dumped a healthy dose of my economy into GOG already.