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Kleetus: Been playing Witcher 2 and my god, the Vergen level design and map has to be the worst I've ever had the misfortune to play.

3 convoluted levels to the city and a worthless map with objective markers that lead you nowhere, doors that all look the same and numerous dead ends.

Whomever at CD Projekt designed this map should get out of gaming.
olnorton: Yeah, whenever I think of playing through Witcher 2 again, I think of having to find my way around Vergen and... maybe later.
Agreed. I think Witcher 2 may be my fav of them all, but that level was frustrating. So much time wasted running around to wrong places, and constant retracing, ect. I had forgotten all about that, it has been so long since I played it. Now, being reminded of that, doubtful I will ever play it again.
I swear to f*** that vergen level was a troll.
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Freaking corona! can't visit grandparents because of a infection on the 7th and 8th floor, thank god they are unharmed but as can be expected the whole home is in lockdown

had 3 job interviews that went quite well but are currently on a hold because of infections in the company

games are fun for a couple of months but really, next to doing some exercises what else i happening ( thank god for the tour..... )

dating is a no go with only young girls looking for one night stands available that probably can be seen as devil carriers for corona !!!

bah life's a woman of low standards creating situations that would lead any normal self contained person into a mindset of desperation and cropped up fears
Bored bored bored lol
flurrycream: Bored bored bored lol
Boredom is good. It means everything's okay.

Have you ever experienced some really really bad days?
During those days, you'd wish for boring days.
Neighbour's dog barked me awake at 6am, and not for the first time. At wits end over here