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blitz4: My family belives in crazy things, likely because of my disbelief of common beliefs. They spend way too much emotion to bitch about those things which sound like non-sense, have no impact on their lives and would be near impossible to prove true or false. Maybe it's part of a defense mechanism or perhaps to troll me?
would it be too personal to ask for some examples?

It is of course NONE OF MY BUSINESS but I'm curious.
tinyE: would it be too personal to ask for some examples?

It is of course NONE OF MY BUSINESS but I'm curious.
conspiracy theories, from aliens creating the pyramids to the Illuminati. Once they've learned enough about the topic from watching youtube, to feel educated on it, next step is to complain about it anywhere between a few minutes to several years about the same topic. I find that if I can't prove something to be false, the complaints go on far too long. Luckily they grow tired of saying the same thing, they find new topics by watching the news/searching youtube. It takes way too long to research this stupid shit to quell their fears, which likely have nothing to do with what they are complaining about. Luckily with the pyramids, I was able to show HOW the pyramids were constructed by man.

Here's an example that just happened today, there's a solar eclipse going through the states on Monday. One said, I'm so tired of hearing about this solar eclipse!!! People need to protect their eyes or they WILL go blind!
Spoken with a type of emotion that made you think a life or death decision must be made.

I replied, Yes, but who are you tired of hearing this from? I know it's coming, but haven't heard anything recently about this solar eclipse.
They replied, the tv news, youtube, and google news. I said - oh I don't read or watch the news and youtube has never shown me a video of the eclipse.
The reply, perhaps ignoring what I said, people who don't protect their eyes will go blind, sometimes they lose their eyesight for 6 months!

Interesting, no?
I find the weekly sale and the whole pinata thing boring .
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Painted_Doll: I find the weekly sale and the whole pinata thing boring .
Oh the horror! A horror sale has been added :-)
Themken: A horror sale has been added :-)
Already own the games that i wanted from that sale .
AngryAlien: EDIT: Ibuprofen can cause problems. I would not suggest taking it, for instance, if you have problems with your stomach, because the drug can cause stomach-age, nausea and digestive problems. Also, it can heavily interfere with other painkillers and especially with antihypertensive drugs. Also, it can cause asthma-attacks when used by people with asthma.

But now to the bitching part...

I am sitting at home, with both upper and lower sideband in my foot ruptured. I am waiting for surgery, which will happen in a week and the pain is... exquisite. It even hurts like hell when I take a shower and the jet of water directly hits my foot.

And the sad part? I love my work, I really, really do, but right now I actually think that this is better than work. I am a nurse and I am sick of racking up 18 overtime hours in 4 days and of having night shifts were I alone am responsible for 25, sometimes even 27 patients and where I and my co-workers don't even bring something to eat anymore, because usually we don't even have the time to drink something and usually still go home late.

I work in an oncology ward, we have many very confused and sometimes quite aggressive patients with brain tumors and just a couple of weeks ago, one of them beat the shit out of me. Unthinkable what he might have done with one of my female co-workers. And the doctors on my ward don't give a crap, they don't even cared to ask if I am well the next day. And those are not even the worst things at work right now...

Sorry, guys, I guess this thread is usually more light hearted, but I am in pain, I am pissed and I just needed to vent a little bit, so thanks for your patience! :)
Thank you for doing such a stressful job, I always think highly of Nurses, always there to put us back together when we open ourselves up by accident(I have a couple of scars, you could say), through to looking after people when they are in for a stay to recover.

Good luck with the surgery, fingers crossed that it works for you :).
I took too many of those sizzle tablet things to alleviate flu symptoms and ended up giving myself gastritis, at least according to the doctor.
chevkoch: Gute Besserung, and I too hope surgery will go fine. Take your mind off things by reducing your backlog ;)
Oh, I will definitely do that! Knowing that I will have surgery this year I've even installed a new gaming place in my flat. Complete with couch, Xbox, Playstation and Steamlink. :D

At least I will finally have time to finish Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and to get into Caves of Qud. It is finally time to find out why the hell my characters keep growing extra arms...

And to you and to everyone else who wrote me here... THANKS A LOT GUYS FOR THE KIND WORDS AND WISHES!
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Hate August so much, it's always windy with a bitterly cold Southerly, rain and freezing temps.

Another month of this shit until the weather starts to warm up, can't wait for Spring and Summer.

Even Autumn is ok, just shitty Winter that sucks.
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Learning to play "The Star Spangled Banner" on my guitar when it slowly starts to dawn on me that I'm not as good as Hendrix. :P
Car batteries are too damned expensive :P
Matewis: Car batteries are too damned expensive :P
cb.jpg (143 Kb)
Matewis: Car batteries are too damned expensive :P
lol don't know what I expected :)

crazy beautiful car though...
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David Lynch is still refusing to produce one more Twin Peaks episode for each remaining day of my life.