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^weird person :P
Telika: Yesterday, big tv political debate between the five main french presidential candidates.

After fact checking, journals of all sides (Figaro, Le Monde, Libé) agree on which candidate spouted the least lies and exaggerations.

According to the polls after the debate, this candidate is the one who was the least "convincing" in the eyes of the public.

That's how it works.
LOL, I watched the whole debate on TF1 last night, that should be Hamon I guess :o)

Thanks to Mélenchon and Le Pen it was less boring than the primaries debates of the PS and LR

Can't Stenchon The Melechon
It's me again. The guy who hates Disciples games but keeps on playing them anyway.

I'm now downloading a rebalance mod for Disciples III. Who the fuck OK'd the mechanics for this?
I hate it when a store I bought thousands of dollars' worth of stuff from decides to regionblock me but still sends promotional emails.
I had this one job. And i messed it up. I tried to handle the girl my age exactly like the cute little girls... She didn't like that nor did she react well to temptation. Intoxicated by my earlier local successes, even those few, unlikely jack pot wins by hitting on random girls and having my way with them with little effort, i was used to the low difficulty level and the sure-fire technique. Damn it, i missed. She wasn't exactly a strict, old-fashioned gal, but the bratty generation i had been associated with up to now, had me used to other tricks and better reactions, as well as faster flings!

Maybe i am not cut out to be in a relationship with a decent, serious person, after all, sigh... Then again, not my fault exactly; local girls are so strange and instead of experience, they covered me in traumas, scars and abuse, betrayal and cheating on me aside. Unorthodox "warfare" is all i am able to muster, whenever i feel like getting myself some broad!

I know European girls aren't exactly heartless animals like the local breed of freaks that buried me alive, but still, i had both pride and confidence in my "player's" skills, gee! Well, what did i know? There's always a prize that you can't reach, no matter what!
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I freaking hate some dog owners.

Just came back from taking Jake for a walk; on the way this huge German Shepherd came charging from behind and attacked Jake, he took us both by surprise.

Jake went ballistic, he was literally foaming at the mouth while lunging and doing crocodile snaps with his jaws.

Jacob suffered a small puncture wound on the back of his neck, but the shepherd got his arse kicked, American Staffordshires are so powerful, this dog was twice his size and he still beat it.

Good boy Jacob, don't take shit from Europeans.

KiNgBrAdLeY7: .
Just saw a really sexist ad on TV.

It was an Amrican ad for Extra chewing gum and had a guy and a girl in it and went something like this:

"He has a condo, a job and a car, but he can't have you".

So that's all a guy is good for, material possessions?

Imagine the outrage if it was the other way around:

"She has great boobies, is a whore in the bedroom and loves to swallow, but she can't have you".
People can be so damn ignorant...

Take the US prez as of current...
3am fire alarm at the hotel. Crashed early last night, planning to get a good recharge. Woke up at 115 and the brain kicked on for about an hour. Finally zonked again and then the alarm.
A night with no sleep is always fun..... NOT! Gotta keep it going for the rest of the day. Thankfully it's a saturday so there is that.
HereForTheBeer: 3am fire alarm at the hotel.
LoLz, you're not having a good week, are you?
HereForTheBeer: 3am fire alarm at the hotel.
Kleetus: LoLz, you're not having a good week, are you?
Haha, well, it's actually not that bad. Those little details are just blips in the road, but the job itself has been going great. Getting a bunch of good help, and they have a gantry crane right above the area where we're building this thing. That crane has been a godsend, likely saving us a full day by the time we wrap up. Going to crash early again tonight after a 10-hour day, maybe get some good sleep this time. Gotta be at the shop again by around 630am but I'll try to get us out of there by 230pm. So a short day tomorrow to recharge a bit, and then hit it full tilt again Monday.
HereForTheBeer: gantry crane
What are you building, a shipyard?
HereForTheBeer: gantry crane
Kleetus: What are you building, a shipyard?
It's a small one, 10,000 pound lift capacity. And we put 9,600 on it yesterday, twice. "Don't mind me, guys - I'm gonna stand waaaaaay over here while you move that piece."
I have the most annoying problem with my house.

The eaves at the side aren't wide enough, done to save money of course.

So the rain blows and hits my shitty external wooden laundry door, makes it smell like vomit and goes through the entire house.

I can't put a door canopy or awning because of the design, so now I have to replace the door and get a fibreglass one, then install a threshold at the bottom and new locks and hinges.

And I hate doing this sort of shit, and the door won't be cheap.

House isn't really worth it, but I have no choice as it freaking stinks.