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tinyE: ...
Ok, that made me laugh (the first photo). And due to that I probably have a spoonful in my pants.
timppu: Diarrhea.

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timppu: Diarrhea.

Do You Want To Learn More?
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TARFU: Would you like to know more:
I knew that was coming. XD
My (sober) retired neighbor shouts at an AI assistant, telling it to google definitions of words related to male genitalia (he's a man) and gun reviews. What. I might need to move.
Are there really 1675 retards who upvote the "no polish no buying" goxmix, or is it just one creep and some lines of codes ?
Telika: Are there really 1675 retards who upvote the "no polish no buying" goxmix, or is it just one creep and some lines of codes ?
Every gogmix or wish on the wishlist that fosters negativity and glorifies gamer entitlement is upvoted disproportionally.

In the very same vein, positive/enthusiastic posts on the forum are in danger of being downvoted into oblivion.

It's the way of the internet I guess.
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The only thing that pisses me off more than bad tutorials are bad tutorials that have been written by someone who has apparently failed professionally and then turned to teaching instead. Seriously, these kinds of people exist, I know at least two such guys personally, and I suspect that the author of the tutorial I'm using right now is that kind of person. Get your shit together, man, and stop wasting my time.
Also I gave up on expecting a new
Telika: Also I gave up on expecting a new
Sorry to be the bearer of sad news, but... yeah, there literally is no hope.
Every Frame a Painting is officially dead. Nothing sinister; we just decided to end it, rather than keep on making stuff.

The existing videos will, of course, remain online. But there won’t be any new ones.
This is magnificent. Thank you.
Telika: This is magnificent. Thank you.
It's a great post mortem, but of course you'd hope there'd be more videos instead.

The action comedy, marvel symponic universe and the bayhem video are and remain incredible. :)

I guess you know about Lindsay Ellis' videos, but in case you don't: Dig in.
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DRM fails me again.

Since Faehföks keeps mentioning it, I got an urge to shortly try out Peggle. I easily locate the installer from my external USB hard drive, install it, run it... ok it wants a registration code in order to unlock the full version, there is the code (found it both in a text file where I had written it, and the original email from PopCap games)...

oh ok, it actually wants to validate the code online, the game is connecting to the PopCap servers... hmm this seems to be taking a long time... ... ... "Sorry can't reach the PopCap servers"

What? Just like that? I am denied from playing my valid Peggle game?!? Googling for PopCap, oh it was apparently bought by EA at some point, I wonder if the registered game can be redeemed on Origin then? Yep, there are instructions how to redeem games on EA Origin and Origin seems to be even selling Peggle games, so maybe it can be indeed obtained this way then?

Go to the Origin client, Add a Game, enter the product key... Product key? The email from PopCap didn't include any product key, but the Order Number which at least earlier validated the full game ok...but no, Origin does not accept the Order Number, it wants a product key, which I apparently didn't receive from PopCap.

So there I apparently am, unable to play Peggle. I bet the same applies to my PC version of PlantsVsZombies too, it also has just the order number.

Now I remember why I hate DRM. I guess the next step would be to finding said games from pirate sites with Russian and Chinese malware included, but why do I have to do that in order to use my legally owned game licenses?
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Fairfox: ^^^ i am said for you. sincere lee
becaaause i <3 peggle so, so much.
I'm actually more angry about my PlantsVsZombies. That is a genuinely good game, while Peggle is... something else.
Could my client please pay the invoice, that would be great.