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Is that anything like the emissions tests we have over here?
tinyE: TUV?
Is that anything like the emissions tests we have over here?
Part of it. There's two halves to the test - a general safety check to make sure the car is running OK and an emissions test. Until recently they were separate, but they made them one single test because nobody had them done separately.
You've GOT to be kidding me.

I was at my old place today (well, one of my old places) and picked up a few games there. I bought Afterfall Insanity last year. It's supposed to be mediocre but whatever, nice to see a Polish game in a Polish setting with a good Polish actor voicing the hero. Then I noticed - I have the retail version but it was also included on the cover DVD of Polish magazine CD-Action some time ago. So I thought "well, I'll just take the CD-Action cover disc then, it's smaller and probably pre-patched". Back at home I put it in the disc and guess what, it's the ENGLISH version. Yes, a Polish magazine featured an English version of a Polish game set in Poland. Motherf***. Will have to go to my old place again if I want to play the Polish version. Aaaargh!

Edit: Ah, screw it, I also picked up Road Rash and the Star Wars flight sims (including Rogue Suadron) while there. I'm good.
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jamyskis: Well, this is just fucking wonderful.

I've just been informed that my car has failed the TÜV safety check in spectacular style, and that it will cost €1,200 to repair, effectively writing off the vehicle. Now my girlfriend, after telling me that her TÜV wasn't due until the end of the year, has just discovered that it's actually due next month, and there is so much fucking wrong with her piece-of-shit Fiat that it'll never go through.

And this specifically two weeks before I'm due to drive over to the UK for a month and two month before I have numerous client visits in the middle of nowhere. Not to mention that my girlfriend works in the arsehole of the world and relies on her car.

I fucking hate cars. Period.

Oh, and the tax office wants thousands of euros as a preemptive income tax on income I haven't received yet. Don't ya just fuckin' love this country?
Armes Schwein =(

It will turn out okay, hopefully =)
Some people may not find this to be a "bitch" but rather just really funny. Honestly I find it a bit of both; tragic and yeah, hillarious. :P

Usually by this time of the year most of the snow is gone however it has been a very long winter and thus EVERYTHING is pure white. That's not the problem. The problem is that the natural order of animal life hasn't accounted for the long winter and all the animals that turn white in the winter in order to hide from predators are turning back to brown and black (which in a normal year is just fine). Unfortunately this year they are all sticking out like a turd in a punch bowl. As I'm sitting here typing this I'm looking out my window at all the poor ermines and rabbits totally confused and trying to figure out how EVERY bird of prey can all of a sudden see them.

On a positive note we won't have to worry about any starving eagles or hawks this year. In fact if this keeps up the eagles around here are going to be bald AND fat. What a wonderful icon for the counrty that would be. :P
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Helped someone with their new Iphone. Apple products are way more annoying than Vista.
My sinuses burn, throat itches, and farts are devestating .... wtf kind of mutant ass cold do I have.
Sogi-Ya: My sinuses burn, throat itches, and farts are devestating .... wtf kind of mutant ass cold do I have.
Jeebus, I got the same damned thing.
cant eat, want to eat. Oh man, the amount of food im gonna stuff into this body when I can eat is gonna be disgusting
Goddam medical bills. Luife sucks! Everything design to suk you dry.

sorry knda drunk today
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"Allergies can't cause coughing" my ass. Finally went and googled "allergies cough" and immediately found the exact description of my cough. The next time someone I know starts telling me how "allergies/allergy symptoms like that do not exist", I'll shove a rake up their butt while screaming "FREEDOM!". Spent years thinking there's something wrong with my lungs.
I woke up to another white out, back to one inch + per hour.

Is the sky still blue? I haven't see it in six months. Is it still pretty? Is the moon still there? The Sun?


Breaking out the big guns, my Marvin the Martian snow cap. Here I go...
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I came up with another group of people today which I dislike: anti-navigators.

They are the people who refuse to give the address to the place where I'm supposed to go, even though they know at least the name of the street (like to their own home, duh!).

Me: "Can you give the address to the place?"

He: " It's easy, you just drive the motorway 15 km to the west, then you turn to right when you see the gas station, then when you come by a red house, go left until you come by a little store...".

Me: "I'd prefer the address so that I can use my navigator."

He: "You don't need it, it's quite easy to find the place. Then drive by the store...".

Today was not quite as bad because the person was on shotgun seat, that's why he felt I don't need to know where I'm going (I'm surprised he didn't put a black sack over my head so that I definitely don't know where I'm going to drive). But still I would have preferred if he had just told me the name of the place or the address where we were going, because sometimes his instructions came too late or didn't come at all ("You should have turned left from there..."), or sometimes he just quickly pointed his finger to the direction he wanted me to go, as if I kept staring at his fingers when I drive. Sometimes I even had to confirm from him if I am supposed to turn or which route to take, since he didn't say anything.

Fjucking old-skoolers, as if to them navigators are something you shouldn't use except in emergency. It is good to remember to drive also without so that you don't become too dependent on navigators, but they are still every day utilities that don't cost anything to use.
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timppu: I came up with another group of people today which I dislike: anti-navigators.
You are not alone.
timppu: I came up with another group of people today which I dislike: anti-navigators.
JMich: You are not alone.
Thanks, that was spot on. Why some people are so much against using navigators? It is fine if they don't use them, but they shouldn't try prevent me from using mine.

It actually goes both way. For example one of these anti-navigator persons I know, it is also a bit irritating that I have to explain them how to get somewhere (e.g. when they were visiting us the first time), instead of him just using the navigator that I know he has. As if it is easier for me to try to explain the route to my home (he's from another town and not familiar with these neck of woods), than he just entering the address to his phone or navigator.

He had to call me anyway when he was getting closer, trying to find the correct intersection.
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