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high rated
The giveaway is now closed. Winners will be chosen & keys will be sent out soon. Meanwhile, part 4 is now live (this will be the last one):
high rated
The keys have now been sent out. Congratulations to the winners :)

Check out the final part of the giveaway here:
Thanks so much, adamhm. Have a wonderful weekend.
Congratulations to the mistery winners, and thanks again for your efforts and generosity, adamhm!
Congratulations to other winners!
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congrats to the winners, thanks again adamhm for the opportunity.
Congratulations to the winners!
I feel like I used up all my luck somewhere else... Maybe it will recharge in the next giveaway. XD

Congratulations to all the people who did have luck! :)
Thank you adamhn for the series of giveaways. Enjoy your games you all!
Thanks adamhm. Congratulations to the winners!
Thank you adamhm and congrats to the winners !
Thanks for the giveaway, adamhm!
Thanks a lot and congratulations to other winners!
Thank you Adamhm and incognoscente for the game. And congratulations fellow winners
Thanks adamhm for the continued giveaways. Congratulations to the winners.