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A big thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes so far. And please don't be shy about requesting more than one game, especially if there are others who have also shown interest in your first choice.

Breja: I don't know if it will brighten your day up, but maybe you should celebrate by watching a Star Trek episode, preferably from The Original Series. After all, it also turned 50 recently!
And as it turns out, the groundbreaking episode Plato's Stepchildren debuted exactly 48 years ago today.

Me, a Trekkie? Naaaaaaah. P'fsh'hah. Naaaaah.

JK41R4: Hm, so this means you were born on 22/11/66 (11/22/66 or 66/11/22 depending on your region).
Or as I prefer to think of it, 0B/16/7AE, or even 00001011-00010110-11110101110.

Leonard03: Congratulations!
You can tell if you look 50 or not by whether you are offered senior's discounts. :P
Now why in the world would anyone think I was still a high school sen— ohhhh. Never mind.

DeMignon: Well, your sword avatar actually does look a bit rustier today. Happy Birthday, old man! ;-P
Hmm. Maybe I should update it with a few gray pixels here and there. Or would that be defeating the purpose?

HereForTheBeer: 1+1+2+2=6, so 666. Gah! Ruuuuun!

Wait... what are we running from?
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Happy birthday! I'm terrified of aging and I'm not even 30! How's witcher 3 treating ya? :-)
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, TwoHandedSword! What's wrong with one handed swords? :)

Thank you for the giveaway. I'm in for Hearts of Iron 1 & 2, Her Story, Might & Magic 6-Pack and Tales from the Borderlands.
Happy Birthday! Do you miss the 80s? I do sometimes. Here's some dreamwave to listen to that you might enjoy :)

Just wishing you a happy 50th.....I'm only 5 1/2 years away from there myself.
Happy Birthday!

Oh, and not in
Happy birthday! :D

not in but seems like a lot are not in but what I would do is save those for Christmas and give it as gifts maybe? to some members for secrete santa!.
Not in, but I highly recommend Might and Magic 6 pack. Those rpgs make me happy to see.
Happy Birthday :)
Not in. Thanks
Happy birthday! Not In.

Would you like a spare copy of Master of Magic? ;)
Happy birthday!

Not in. +1
Happy birthday, hope you have a good one! I hope to be 50 myself one day :)

(Not in for any presents, I have too much backlog already)
Happy Birthday!!

Not in, too much backlog!
Nice selection, but not in!

Happy 50th!

If things go well for me, I'll be there in a handful of years. If things don't go well, then probably not.