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Not in, but Happy Birthday!
TwoHandedSword: ... I don't feel 50. I (hope that I) don't yet look 50. ...
Well, your sword avatar actually does look a bit rustier today. Happy Birthday, old man! ;-P

Not in, but +1 for the nice giveaway
Happy birthday!!!

And thank you for the giveaway.
Happy birthday!
About 50...I do not know anyone still play video games at age 50, except GOGers.
Not in
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, u don't look a day over 70 :D

Not in - ty for your generosity +1
Not in but happy birthday. 50 is just a number. Have a great day and thanks for the giveaway.
Not in as well, just here to wish u Happy Half-Century Birthday! :D
Happy Birthday!

I'm in for Age of Wonders
Happy Birthday, I am in for Tales From The Borderlands, thank you.
Happy birthday! Not sure why but I mentally had you pegged at somewhere in the mid-30s. Must mean you're younger than your years, and that's a good thing, right?

JK41R4: Happy birthday! I'm not in either, just wishing you a happy 50th!

Hm, so this means you were born on 22/11/66 (11/22/66 or 66/11/22 depending on your region).
1+1+2+2=6, so 666. Gah! Ruuuuun!
Not in either, but Happy big 5 0 to you!
Not in but happy birthday & thanks for your generosity!
Not in, just here to wish you a happy birthday, mate.

Hope you'll have a nice day and lots of fun ;)
Just dropping in to say happy birthday. Not in for any games but it's cool of you to do this.