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HypersomniacLive: I'd rather have the +1 rep you get for the first post of the day instead of post count as that can also very quickly become meaningless, even misleading.
JudasIscariot: Or get rid of both rep and post counts, perhaps? :)
Fine by me as I couldn't care less either way. It's just my preference if we're talking about replacing the current rep system by some other sort of system - retaining the +1 rep for the first post of the day, shields from the post count being abused, not to mention that high activity (i.e. high post count) doesn't necessarily mean actual contribution.

JudasIscariot: Spammer reports, yes, but there has to be a way to prevent abuse as you don't want someone spamming (no pun intended) the spam report button somehow...
What's the current system of preventing spam report abuse?
tinyE: My only problem with the post count is that folk like me post WAAAAYYY too much and it's going to make us look like real dicks.

When I first joined the forum someone thought I was under the impression that post counts = rep and ripped me a new asshole for it insisting that I was only doing it for the number.
JudasIscariot: Why would a post count, whether large or small, make you look dickish? Serious question.
Why even add a post count at all? What value does this add to the forum?
Guys, I hate to ask but can we move here?
Titanium: Oh bloody hell, I was gone for a week and look what's been happening.
tinyE: You were gone?
I'm as surprised as you are.
*starts the chainsaw*
SpellSword: Serious answer:
Because people will assume small replies are being made not for the sake of dialog but to increase post count.

I'd rather see Down Rep removed and keep the Up Rep system. Down Repping a post could still make the "Low Rated" words appear on the post itself but not directly effect the posters Rep. Thus making posts that have the communities disagreement(Or what not) still be highlighted without anyone feeling like they are being hated/bullied/etc.

Just a though. -_^
JudasIscariot: Speaking personally again, I'd rather get rid of voting systems altogether on posts. Seeing as how people feel like they're being harassed by a stream of down votes, I'd rather force the downraters to express their disapproval through words and not some -/+ buttons. That way, they'd have to choose their words and think about why they are disapproving something instead hiding anonymously or just letting a temporary flash of emotion get the better of them. As you know, one of the problems in a text-based medium like a forum is that we can't see the other person's body language, hear the tone of their voice, etc. so we can't tell if they are being serious, joking, or whatnot and a lot of misunderstandings arise and downvotes follow :/
Ignore functionality is important. Right now the problem is GOG combines ignore and report into the same functionality. Once they're disentangled I think everyone will calm down.

Tying ignore and rep / bragging rights together was a bad idea. But we do need a way to not see posts we don't want to see. This is standard forum functionality, as well as standard RL social functionality. It's something that GOG needs to have.
high rated
Dum di Dum di Dum

No, i am not posting again! Seriously this is not a new post....only a ..whatever!!!!
Its just that i don't want to burden triock and Momo with my endless pms containing useless keys ;-)
Thanks to both of you....(your special signed pink tutu is coming at my birthday.....)
So for the next future I'll post my drops here....maybe in a new (not) post or just editing this one...(stay tuned).

Anyway these are from today:

Alien Zombie Megadeath
Race On
Race Injection
GTR Evolution
GT Legends

Have Fun
Post edited May 19, 2014 by Schnuff
NR as I already have them, but thanks :). Glad to see you back... or at least lurking :D.
It's a pink-tutued Hippo!! Yippee!! ;-D

Haven't redeemed any of the codes, but I just wanted to say that it's nice to see you're still around! :-)
Schnuff: Dum di Dum di Dum
A pink hippo sighted at a distance!
The pink hippo is back!

NR anything, but a big +1.
Schnuff: Dum di Dum di Dum
Yay! I see a hippo! *dancing*
But the pink hippo is still blue:(
Glad to see you haven't completely gone.

A pink hippo a day keeps the doctor away.
NR, but it's good to see you around! :)