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Trilarion: I'm always a bit confused between 2k and Take2. It seems 2k is a brand/subsidiary of Take2. So, does it mean only 2k games are coming here or are other games which belong to Take2 also coming?
Epitaph666: Edit : Oh crap, got my info wrong...
Yes, you did:

But that is alright, mistakes happen :)


Their website is here:


The list of subsidiaries from their 2015 annual report:

"Name Jurisdiction of Incorporation
2K Australia Pty. Ltd. Australia
2K Czech, s.r.o. Czech Republic
2K Games (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. China
2K Games (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd. China
2K Games (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China
2K Games, Inc. Delaware
2K, Inc. New York
2K Marin, Inc. Delaware
2K Play, Inc. Delaware
2K Games Songs LLC Delaware
2K Games Sounds LLC Delaware
2K Games Tunes LLC Delaware
2K Vegas, Inc. Delaware
2KSports, Inc. Delaware
Cat Daddy Games, L.L.C. Washington
Digital Productions S.A. Luxembourg
DMA Design Holdings Limited United Kingdom
Double Take LLC Delaware
Firaxis Games, Inc. Delaware
Frog City Software, Inc. Delaware
Gathering of Developers, Inc. Texas
Gearhead Entertainment, Inc. Pennsylvania
Indie Built, Inc. Delaware
Inventory Management Systems, Inc. Delaware
Irrational Games, LLC Delaware
Jack of All Games Norge A.S. Norway
Jack of All Games Scandinavia A.S. Norway
Joytech Europe Limited United Kingdom
Joytech Ltd. Hong Kong
Kush Games, Inc. California
Maxcorp Ltd. Bermuda
Rockstar Events Inc. New York
Rockstar Games, Inc. Delaware
Rockstar Games Songs LLC Delaware
Rockstar Games Sounds LLC Delaware
Rockstar Games Toronto ULC British Columbia
Rockstar Games Tunes LLC Delaware
Rockstar Games Vancouver ULC British Columbia
Rockstar International Limited United Kingdom
Rockstar Leeds Limited United Kingdom
Rockstar Lincoln Limited United Kingdom
Rockstar London Limited United Kingdom
Rockstar New England, Inc. Delaware
Rockstar North Limited United Kingdom
Rockstar San Diego, Inc. Virginia
T2 Developer, Inc. Delaware
Take 2 Interactive Software Pty. Ltd. Australia
Take 2 Productions, Inc. Delaware
Name Jurisdiction of Incorporation
Take-Two Asia Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Take-Two Chile SpA Chile
Take-Two Europe (Holdings) Limited United Kingdom
Take-Two GB Limited. United Kingdom
Take-Two Holdings II LLC Delaware
Take Two Holdings LLC Delaware
Take-Two Interactive Austria GmbH Austria
Take-Two Interactive Benelux B.V. Netherlands
Take-Two Interactive Canada Holdings, Inc. Ontario
Take-Two Interactive Canada, Inc. Ontario
Take-Two Interactive Espana S.L. Spain
Take-Two Interactive France SAS France
Take-Two Interactive GmbH Germany
Take-Two Interactive Japan G.K. Japan
Take-Two Interactive Korea Ltd. South Korea
Take-Two Interactive Software Europe Limited United Kingdom
Take-Two International B.V. Netherlands
Take Two International GmbH Switzerland
Talonsoft, Inc. Delaware
Techcorp Ltd. Hong Kong
Venom Games Limited United Kingdom
Visual Concepts China Co., Ltd. China
Visual Concepts Entertainment California
VLM Entertainment Group, Inc. Delaware
WC Holdco, Inc. New York"

"Maxcorp Ltd. Bermuda"

This is the subsidiary that bought the international rights to the Max Payne franchise when Take Two bought the IP from 3D Realms and Remedy(that owned the IP 50/50 before the sale).
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