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Slowly but steady, a bit of a small scale but have been buys with laying th groundtracks for the next 10k of people.

spreading industry over non pollutioners such as farming and forestry. busses, trains etc
A second chance for Rage... first time I played it, it was like a meh game: let's see if now it looks better...
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new idea's !

and bridges bridges, still need some more curves though
A trip to Czech Republic.
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Sights of Andromeda part X : The Nexus

Yes we dreamed, we dreamed for 700 years long. Only to wake up in this shithole called Andromeda

-- Text in one of the public toilets, pre pathfinder arrival phase.

The Nexus. Starting point for colonizing the undiscovered wonders of Andromeda. While i say undiscovered don't think they went in unprepared. Through the availability of quantum wondered hardware planets where subject to scrutiny long before the colony ships departed. Their journey took 700 years. A marvel marriage of both pioneering spirit and scientific cooperation.

- Hi
- Bye
- Think you can hide from my flamethrower behind a car?
- Making my own path during a crazy terror mission
- Seeing as it was a chryssalid infestation, I'm surprised I even managed to save 6!
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enjoying skylines with the smoothest groove on tha horizon
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Chaos Galaxy

A chinese space opera light 4x game, most of the time these sorts of marvels manage to emphasize the tactical and strategical challenges of 4xing without the need for ample introductions of several social and political constructs .. most of the time!
For now, the 8bit music is the most troublesome part of the game, for now.....

added another screenshot of phantombrigade, just because ....

just because 1 screenshot seems to be a partypooper
steady but slowly in Cities : Skylines

got a very rare achievement, grow 7.500.000 algea and fishies .... lots of people are probably done with the game since only 0.3 % has that one
- note, i don't feel proud

But right up until now it's been a fun trip. The whole size and scale of the city do add to a sense of realism. Creating districts for living, working and having fun is quite tedious now and then but also does have its own charm.

Currently there are around 100 busses transporting people, 6 metro cars, 1 toy fabric and a solar plant to be found in my town which manages to attract around 5 tourists on average. And i do say on average since the whole accountancy aspect of cities skylines is so laughable you start enjoying yourself no matter how you do it ;-)

And growing slowly in endless legend...... not much to say about that one yet
Endless Legend looks a lot like Age of Wonders. Is it?
Themken: Endless Legend looks a lot like Age of Wonders. Is it?
Uhm, well no and yes. Age of Wonders III seems to be more of a devious game all in all ;-)
Planetfall is something different all together.
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at least something is going right @Three Kingdoms

( i'm green ) currently fielding 4 dragon spear armies. 3 are aimed at the heart of the kingdom of Song
1 is just raised to meet the treat coming from the river

the wife is harassing the south with her silk crane regiment

Dumb games day, in memory of the flat tire that prevented me to arrive at work this morning,

---- ring .... ring ... ------
< insert company name > good morning
Yooooo, mah tire is flat.... from ze car you know >..;p
Its monday, don't think i belief you
Sooo i will bringy the carry to ze garage and let you know any further
You must get to work now!!!!
Sorrry cannot hear ya .. cya tommorow!!
Don't dare you hang up on me little ...............

though i have to say the skills in Martyr are quite interesting
this is me fielding a mess of a skill set with the main staff and the other which is a specialized assassin setting of sorts, the las weapon of course, but also the fire combo that sets something on fire and the other fire skill that gives 1000% damage bonus if something is set on fire
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Pushing through Dark Souls 3. The game is considered as easiest in the series. I generally agree with that statement, but easiest in the series doesn't mean easy in overall. :) I had to switch class from Pyromancer to Knight to be able to make a decent progress.
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Hmm ... it seems the authors of Brutal Doom have seen fit to switch the end boss of Doom 2 for this monstrosity. It's a much more active boss than the original, that spews large fireballs and has 40,000 hit points (10 times that of a Cyberdemon!).

I mean, it looks pretty cool and it is a more fitting finale than the original oversized wall ornament. But it's just ... not nice! It also seems to block access to the megasphere and radsuits on the ledge at the back, which doesn't seem entirely fair.

I haven't been able to beat it yet. I can get it down to around 7000 HP by unloading all of my BFG ammo at it, but taking the rest off with chaingun/shotgun is no joke when there are 20+ demons running around.

(PS: many loyal marines gave their lives so these images could be taken :-P )
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bossboy.jpg (332 Kb)
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