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A couple screenshots, taken from the part of the game where my favorite music plays, featuring an interesting little easter egg.
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Baby steps in medicine

Lets get those ratings up!
3d contract in a row my defender leaves the battlefield with some injuries and her mech halve broken down.... not to mention the equipment loss!


this mission was worth it since we scavenged together a whole medium mech " the kintaro " which can be described as a berserking turtlepad on the run.. and you know what beserking turtlepads can do when they are running!!

i belief i'm nearing the moment that the training of another mech warrior might be needed enlisting a total of 5 mech handlers + captain
Decided to push my luck with that emulator a bit further and take a screenshot of a different game.

(For anyone not familiar with the game, this is supposed to happen, and you are supposed to lose the battle. Also, this is *really* early in the game (first thing after naming characters and the intro cutscene that was added in this version), so absolutely no spoilers here.)

(Should I play this game next? It's very different from its successor, which is the game I've just finished.)
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first baby steps in rise of nations risk mode

i can't remember this being part of the original? Had some memories about that being mission based
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Radiance1979: i can't remember this being part of the original? Had some memories about that being mission based
It was! The expansion added more Risk-style campaigns but with new rules and objectives, perhaps that's what you remembered.
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The Wang is strong with this one.

Shadow Warrior 2013.
My six men defending again eight.
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Two-Eyed Snake ... aka Metal Gear Solid

The controls took a bit getting used to, even after shuffling some button assignments around. That said, it actually works pretty well with by XBone pad. The shooting mechanic was completely confounding though - I was shooting at almost everything but enemies - until my first boss fight when I finally figured out that manually aiming isn't really a (good) thing.

I tried Metal Gear before that, but I find its gameplay design way too archaic - read: a huge pain in my ass - for my tastes.
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finally managed to get the upper hand in Dawn of War

the orcs had a blast the first half of the battle but now its out my city this instant you alien scum you!

the game was lauded for its skirmish and multiplayer options not to mention the quality of the graphics and the cut scenes but found waning on the singleplayer campaign a.i. and the lenght of the campaign.

well you can't have both i'd say and with the expansions i belief you could say that there is enough content to satisfy even the biggest critic.

Fun fact, i belief the complete package of dawn of war is still one of the most expensive game packages i'd ever see
on top we have those weirdos that put their money into Death or Alive ranging well over a thousand euro's but dawn of war complete at 136,99 for a game released in 2004 can certainly be called respectable.

If your only interested in the game and its expansions it will set you back only a meagerly 38,99 euro
on top of that the game of the year edition can't be enjoyed in resolutions higher then 1600x900 or 1600x1020 but the smart adapter will find its way around this with using adept ratio scaling and machine spirit image enhancery not to mention just a slightest touch of heretic FXAA when your chaptermaster is far and out of sight not to mention those treacherous hounds you call your brotherS
Conquistador tournament.
The captivating world of Gladius Prime.

Here the guard holds the line with firm determination, pretending to its inhabitants that all is fine, the emperor is near, not all hope is lost.
Here you will find every day discussions about if forests surrounding the cities should be cut away to grant more visibility, if the guardsmen should be allowed to procreate, if the inhabitants are pure enough
Though whispers sound throughout all the cities, not spoken loudly, certainly not in public but the loyal yet frightened members of the guard bring their stories home with them.
Stories about space marines attacking them calling them traitors, of unspeakable horrors from the warp claiming portions of Gladius, of Tyranids fighting Necrons.
Yet they smile and say The emperor prevails, because that is live, on Gladius Prime
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Hmmmm... Well.... It's a long story.
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Can you guess the movie?
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Got killed repeatedly in Among Us. 10/10 game
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