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Boss Simulator ...aka Saints Row 2

Haven't actually given this one an honest shot since my initial testing when it popped up on GOG. While the PC port can be rough around the edges, it is perfectly playable, and there's good fun to be had. Playing it unmodded without much trouble. :)
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Turf Wars: The Game... aka Saints Row 2 continued/semi-completed

Yup, yup. That was fun, especially activities such as real-estate adjustments via septic truck, ho-snatching, pretend-a-cop... Good times. ;)
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Just Mayhem ...aka Just Cause 2

Started playing the game over again since it's been too long since I left off on my first go at it. Having a good time just causing semi-random mayhem. The flying and air-diving challenges are also pretty fun if not all that challenging time-wise. *shrug* It took me a while to figure out how useful the grapple and parachute combo could be to get around when vehicles are not an option, but now I'm able to climb mountains just with those two like a pro. Maybe I should start playing some of the agency story missions now that I've cleared like a quarter of the map already. ;)

It's too bad I can't play with the decals on since that feature tends to crash the game for some reason. Oh well. In the heat of the action I wouldn't really notice anyway.
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P-E-S: It's too bad I can't play with the decals on since that feature tends to crash the game for some reason. Oh well. In the heat of the action I wouldn't really notice anyway.
Did you try the Possible crash fix from PCGamingWiki?
ariaspi: Did you try the Possible crash fix from PCGamingWiki?
I know I messed around with compatibility settings and other stuff the first time I tried it. That Nvidia profile inspector didn't do squat either. *shrug* Just out of curiosity I turned it back for a little bit with another two exciting crashes. Those decals really aren't all that anyway, so I'm not missing a whole lot.
Get Down with the Thiccness ...aka Hedon: Bloodrite

Quite enjoying this one. Comparisons with Hexen are definitely apt, but Hedon isn't nearly as confusing as the former can be. Hedon does feature fairly large open level design, but anyone who pays a little attention and takes note of things as one explores the levels it's rare to get truly lost, especially since most levels do follow a linear order of progression to be able to continue to the next. Hexen on the other hand can be totally confusing because it gives the player little to no hints at times and having to return to level sections from the hub sometimes repeatedly can get the player easily turned around or running around in circles without knowing how to progress.

Anyway, solo murder time is fun, but murdering with my warrior pals is even better as they decimate enemies. :) Good times.
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Screenshots from The Bard's Tale Trilogy:

Picture 1: Burning my way through 99 skeletons.
Picture 2: Fabulous...
Picture 3: Most annoying enemies ever.
I finished The BT Trilogy actually a few days ago so now I'm playing Bard's Tale IV.

Picture 1: That name looks suspicious...
Picture 2: Finally a real adventure...
Finished Titanfall 2, one very good game, only a bit too short :(

Oh where's the pic, oh yeah, the upload limit, forgot about it...

And time to play latest update of Tchernobog
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I'm playing Daggerfall Unity - GOG Cut and really enjoying it. I don't know what all these old games have in them, but it's hard to even take a break. :) The refreshed version of Daggerfall is one of the best remasters (or rather remakes) in history. It looks gorgeous, like a true retro-styled modern game. Try it if you didn't do so yet: :)
The Mob(ssssss) ...aka Mafia DE

Never played the original, but this remake is pretty good. I guess it can be considered an "open world" game, but the city really serves more as a nice-looking backdrop than anything else, which is fine. The story and gameplay is pretty engaging and that is what really matters to me. I like nice little touches like the radio signal quality dropping while driving in the tunnel beneath the river. Anyway, it's good fun so far.
Grim Dawn

Dude, where´s my char?
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Crusaders of Might and Magic, with Drake.
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Some Crysis acrobatics. ;)
Just beat Prestige Tree Rewritten